A Complete Guide: Why SocialPilot is best for your business?

Why SocialPilot is best for your business?

Social media is one of the most efficient ways to get new leads and get more traffic to your websites. It is essential for online businesses to have a presence on all major social media networks Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But the question remains. “How anyone can manage all these social media accounts actively?”. SocialPilot is one of the best social media management tools.

Social media marketing, scheduling, analytics, and reporting platform. It helps businesses manage their social media profiles of different brands and increase organic traffic to the site. SocialPilot also increases the level of engagement.

There are various social media management and marketing tools available in the market. These tools serve to boost a ‘brand’s presence in all popular networks. In this blog, SocialPilot seems to be the new tool. It is a highly potent weapon for the army of online marketers. This tool allows marketers to create campaigns and postings to gain maximum control of the fan following.

Social pilot makes content posting easy and manages multiple accounts from a single platform. It is created to help you increase your brand awareness and organic traffic to your pages. Nearby 75,000 businesses and enterprises, and social professionals use a social pilot to manage their social media Networks.

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Why is SocialPilot Best Fit for your Business?

Do you want to share the content through all social media channels of your business in one click then SocialPilot is the first option for content promotion. Posting your new article on all your social media networks is a great way to gain more readers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are excellent tools for sharing your blogs, if you have the right number of friends and followers.

Posting on all social media networks at one particular time that you planned is challenging to do it manually, and it takes your time and effort. Doing it always and daily basis would be a tough task. Logging in every hour to post your content on your social networks is difficult and not the best use of time.

Where the SocialPilot automated posting app comes in place and it can help you. This tool allows you to schedule your posts in advance, and it lets you connect Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is available as a web app and also as a chrome extension.

By SocialPilot, users can share 500 posts and link them to as many as 200 social profiles from just one of the accounts. The list includes updates, jobs, and tweets. Unlike posting on social media channels, SocialPilot ‘doesn’t put any character limits, provides a user the freedom they need to create and share content with their target audiences.

1. Collaborate with the Teams and also Manage Clients

Using workflows to collaborate with teams is better. Approve and review all the content before posting. Invite your clients to connect accounts and share them reports through white label emails.


2. Engage Effectively With Social Inbox

Reply to all your messages, comments, and postings on multiple Facebook Pages in real-time. Filter the conversations made and focus on the ones that matter so that you ‘don’t miss replying to any customer.

3. Powerful Analytics and White Labeled PDF Reports

with One Click Makes data-driven decisions to improve the engagement and improve your social media strategies. Create beautifully and presenting social media reports in PDF format with just one click.

4. Discovering & Publishing Popular Content

Discover the most popular and compelling content, schedule them to your account with RSS feeds and content curation. If you have a lot of things to publish on your page? you can Use bulk social media posting feature in SocialPilot and do posts in advance.

5. SocialPilot for different categories of business

Social media in today’s world is the most comfortable, fast, and cost-effective. To find your audience and create your industry niche market. Most of the modern businesses have social media accounts. But still, they find it is tough to manage all of them in a way to rise above the competition. It is challenging to create visibility for their targeted demographics.

SocialPilot is a crafted tool that saves your money, time, and effort. As such, it is a highly popular tool among both small startups and large VIP brands. Even students nowadays use SocialPilot and manage all their social media accounts in a far better way to gain the maximum attention of your audience.

In less time, SocialPilot grew into a powerful tool for marketers to help them connect to thousands of happy customers. SocialPilot is one of the mobile platforms. Make use of SocialPilot; businesses can seek to gain prominence in one of the most powerful online platforms.


6. For Small Business & Professionals

They can Use Socialpilot analytics to see what works for them.you can Post through the web, mobile and also browser. Broad Content suggestions to not let your queue empty always. Provide High Priority email support to never give you down anytime.

7. For Agency & Teams

Collaborate with your team members using the in-built workflows. Manage your client profiles without asking for social media credentials every time. you can send White label PDF reports to share and present without any edits
Priority email and phone support.

8. Enterprise

SocialPilot customizes your profile to your targeted needs. Profiles and posts will be configured to offer to all your clients. Dedicated account manager with email and phone support

How To Work on SocialPilot Dashboard?

Once you login to your social pilot account this is the view of the dashboard and one of the first things you need to do is you need to connect all your social media channels by clicking on “connect account” on the left panel below social accounts. Here you can add unlimited profiles under each social network.

Once you connect a profile, now you should be able to set a schedule for your posts. Want To go back to setting a plan, you have to click on the Manage Accounts tab on the left then click on Edit option for that account Now you will be able to add in a schedule for your social profile.

Below “Select Time,” you can specify the time to add to the posting schedule. Then you can choose the days of the week you want the program to be up and running. Once done, click on the button, “Add Time.” You can do this for all the social profiles you connected. The schedule will now affect every time you create a post for each social media profile. Note that the program is set separately for each social account, but you can also set the same for all if you want your content posted at the same time.

Creating Post

Start adding posts to your schedule, click on “Create Post” on the left panel in the dashboard. You can then compose your postings and add links. I have shared a link to an article that I want to appear in my Twitter profile. Note that the Twitter profile checked on the right-hand side, and my LinkedIn account remains unchecked.

If you don’t like adding links manually and typing text to create a post, you can install ‘SocialPilot’s extension for Chrome. In this way, you can click on the SocialPilot icon to share the page ‘you’re on right now.
Once you do a post, you have three options from the drop-down menu:

  • Add to Queue
  • Share Now
  • Share Next

Add to Queue option will add that Post to the scheduling queue. If you want to share the content at the same time, then, click on Share Now.

Features of social pilot

SocialPilot creates a whole new way of connecting to millions of users around the world. Social media is one of the most efficient ways that all top brands face overwhelming customer experience and expectations.

1. Connect to Unlimited Accounts

SocialPilot is not just limited to Facebook and LinkedIn postings. It will also help you to connect with the following other platforms: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and VK.com.

This tool allows you are sharing access through the marketing team and get full feedback from the main dashboard. SocialPilot tool will enable you to organize and visualize all the activities of your social promotions. Here is a screenshot attached depicting all the different social media networks that can be connected. With this app, you can easily manage all of your connections with the tip of your fingers.

2. Scheduling Posts

Social networks like Facebook and Pinterest allow you to schedule your postings in advance. You fail to find this feature on other social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Scheduling posts is one of the essential advantages of a Social Media Management tool SocialPilot. This way, you can allow your marketing and elaborating stories to different marketing strategies.

For example, you want to give maximum time to demography that is most active at night. However, you cannot expect your marketing executives to work for you in the office the whole night. SocialPilot’s feature of scheduling will take care of the posting, and you can add the content anytime and anywhere.

If you have to post the same story or content in more than 20 different social accounts, then sharing it will take a lot of time, effort, and money. SocialPilot takes care of this by improving the productivity of your team and saving resources.

Social media calendar helps all the marketing agencies and other business users to conceptualize the social media sharing strategies to be more creative and fruitful. Therefore, SocialPilot is a first-class partner for depicting positive and negative marketing trends.


3. Create Posts easily

The complexity of an organization is directly proportional to the prioritizing of all inbound messages. While the organizations are growing every day, it is getting more difficult to even engage within ‘one’s own family and friends.

Delivering relevant messages at the perfect time is the best way to get better user experiences. So SocialPilot tool allows marketers to create a different kind of posts quickly.

Additionally, this includes different elements and at the same time sharing it across all different social accounts. Also, you can even add images with your Post directly from your SocialPilot account. Pictures will give an added benefit by engaging all your audiences with visuals.

4. Managing your Groups

SocialPilot specially designed and it is a feature to categorize all the connected accounts in groups. It gives freedom to populate all the posts on accounts within a group with one single click from your main dashboard.

Consequently, it will save you time while you manage many accounts in a single theme. You can create a group with all the reports and share your updates within that group in one click.

The ultimate guide to socialpilot

5. Social Media Analytics

Analytics is a feature used to gather all the data from audience conversation on social media networks and to process it into the decisions making data structure. ‘SocialPilot’s Social Media Analytics lets you analyze and measure your social accounts thoroughly even though the content posted from SocialPilot.

SocialPilot provides powerful yet easy to understand social media analytics to let you improve your social media marketing and efficiency. With Social Media Analytics of SocialPilot, not only you can analyze the content posted from SocialPilot, just content posted from anywhere on your page and social accounts.

It’s easy to understand and measure Social Media Analytics, and it keeps track of followers, influencers, clicks, conversions, and engagement on all connected social networks.
With SocialPilot, you can very easily share the full analytics view with your ‘clients and teammates with the shareable link available.

6. Client Management

A unique feature, where you can manage your ‘client’s accounts. Without any hassle. ‘There’s always hesitation in exchanging account credentials when your client wants you to manage their social accounts. SocialPilot comes with an amazing Client Management feature where the client ‘doesn’t have to transfer his account credentials.

With this Client Management feature, you can very easily manage your ‘client’s social accounts hassle-free. You ‘don’t need to keep waiting for the client to give you their account access or no need of adding you as admin to manage their page.

Now you can manage all their accounts without any account credentials and also you can use your 0brand name and logo while inviting them to avoid revealing your social media toolkit.

Directly you can invite with the SocialPilot, once your clients connect their accounts, it will automatically show in SocialPilot panel. The best thing is you can add your branding and edited invitation email not to reveal your social media toolkit.

7. Bulk Scheduling

This tool is one of the best features available in SocialPilot.

It is suitable for social media managers and online marketing agencies to manage multiple social media networks. Capability to manage multiple social media accounts and posts more than 500 jobs at once, this feature remains very helpful when various managers employ social media strategies for clients.

Most helpful feature when you are submitting your content. For approval to your clients before you are sharing or scheduling. Our goal with Bulk scheduling serves to make this process as comfortable and pain-free as possible. So, even if you ‘aren’t managing over 50 social accounts.

With SocialPilot, users can easily create a bulk post by uploading CSV files with 500 posts. ‘It’s a handy feature for the marketing agencies who needs client approval for all social media post content and have several posts to share per day. The fact, this is the feature that makes SocialPilot handy for enterprise-grade clients.

8. Team Collaboration

If you are working with digital marketing agencies, and enterprises or consulting with many clients and marketing groups. This feature will make managing all social media groups very complicated. To achieve all social accounts, you need a team; in that case, the SocialPilot tool allows one of your team members to plan content on all your social networks.

It saves your time and effort and also makes it easier to find interesting and useful content to your fans and followers. SocialPilot works for the team and with the team. All the users can easily invite their team members to work on the network’s collaboration, share files, and come up with some useful business ideas. SocialPilot does not charge as per team member, so feel free to include as many participants as you want.

It doesn’t matter; you are running a small, medium, or a large-scale business. Our collaboration features are useful for all types of companies who work in teams to publish and manage their social media content. Our application solutions assist enterprises, agencies, and others in coordinating with colleagues without giving up control over account info.


9. RSS Feed Integration

Feeds automation is one of the best features which will keep all your social media accounts active by feeding in real-time updates from your blog or website. Marketers precisely can add feeds from their website, and SocialPilot will fetch posts as they published on the connected feeds. You can also control how posts appear in different social profiles by using the features available in the add feed section.

You can also choose to post multiple profiles at the same time. Feed automation is one of the best function for agencies and marketers who handles various blogs. SocialPilot will share the blog post with connected social media accounts. This tool will benefit your content management and assisting you, where you save a lot of time managing the tasks manually.

10. Content Discovery suggestions

Sharing unique and exciting content can engage more audiences.how do you find such exciting updates or content ? not to worry. We have developed a feature called “suggestions” and give you some exciting news and updates around the world.

Content editors handpicked the best resources around the world and categorized them, which makes it more comfortable for you to choose the best upgrades. The most important thing is you can review the suggestions and directly schedule it to post on your all connected social accounts.

January 2018, SocialPilot has come up with free content creation and influencer tools.

11. Link Shortening

Sometimes long URLs do a problem when Twitter character limits focus users on counting their words. SocialPilot lets you shorten links so that they can easily share across the channels and makes your posts look clean.

12. Mobile Application

SocialPilot mobile app designed for iOS and Android.it is your one-stop solution for all social media scheduling and management. The app connects all your social media accounts and lets you schedule your postings. You can schedule posts for one day or a week in advance for different time zones.

You can also update your posts, images, status, and content for various sites from the app without logging in each section. you can also share articles from popular apps such as Flipboard, Pocket, Pulse, and SocialPilot

13. Extensions

SocialPilot Extension turns user engagement more active & better on social media. When you find interesting articles or images, and you want to share instantly, click the extension button. If you still have not installed the extension yet, you can also get it from Chrome Extension Gallery, Firefox Add-on Gallery, and Safari Extension Gallery. You can set up in just a couple of clicks.

SocialPilot gives browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. You can share exciting content or article from the internet. Using a browser extension to share posts from the Facebook newsfeed and Twitter timeline is best.

One of the impressive features of the browser extension is, it allows you to schedule images from Canva too. All things together, ‘we’re discussing an amazingly integrated product that can blend in every software architecture.

14. Faster Customer care Service

The most crucial reason why SocialPilot is best and growing, as it’s popular social media marketing tool is just because of its customer service. You can reach out to the communication team through an email, Twitter. The SocialPilot helpline is open 24 hours, and it will take only moments to get your problems resolved, and queries answered.

How is SocialPilot different from other social media marketing tools?

SocialPilot is not the only one posting service out there; there are many that have been around.

Buffer and Hootsuite, as, are the other popular apps for the same purpose. What makes SocialPilot different or even better? All three services offer premium plans, but ‘SocialPilot’s price of $10/month is minimal compared to ‘Buffer’s $15/month and ‘Hootsuite’s – $17.49 a month

SocialPilot pricings

You might have used both Buffer and Hootsuite; I must say that ‘SocialPilot’ focuses on three social networks only, it’s cost-effective and has a user-friendly dashboard that is appealing to me. SocialPilot is also available in the Android & iOS app, which is of great help.

SocialPilot is a cloud-based social media tool that makes Easy for marketing and media agencies and businesses. Helps Enterprises, and social media professionals to manage multiple social media profiles from one location. By adding your social accounts with SocialPilot, you can easily curate content and can send updates, all from one place.

No longer you have to log in and log out of individual social profiles to do postings. The bulk scheduling feature makes you active on all social accounts without requiring an around-the-clock commitment from you. If you find the prospect of single social profile management time consuming and overwhelming, SocialPilot might be the tool for you.


If you are new to social media networks, then there is a thing you should be knowing: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the three major systems for businesses and bloggers. Where most of the interactions happen, and where your content is more likely to get noticed.

You ‘don’t have to be on all social platforms; there are just the ones that bring you the best exposure.SocialPilot is not only a great tool, ‘it’s a must-have.

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Have you used the “SocialPilot” social media tool to manage your social networks? How do you rate this tool as per your experience?

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