How To Setup Website For SEO That Bring Organic Traffic?

When we are setting up an online business or a blog, SEO takes the first place on our list, and many of us don’t realize that we can do it in many ways, to rank on search engines. We can do it when designing the website and after we completely set-up the website.

The website is the Heart of Digital Marketing World, which pumps contents towards all the success. The largest source of web traffic is generated by Organic Search which leads to organic traffic. Building a colorful website with no SEO involved in it is not as effective and competitive as the website ranking number one on Google Search Results.

At a fundamental level, an SEO-friendly site is one that enables a search engine to explore and crawl pages across the site. Ensuring a search engine can easily crawl and perceive your content is the first step to ensuring your visibility in the search engine result pages.

If your website is search engine optimized, then your website gets a huge amount of organic traffic, and you will rank number one in Google SERP Results very soon.

Building an SEO-friendly site requires pre-planning and a structured approach to representing your business. So, Let’s go through the steps to be taken to set up a website for SEO that brings you organic traffic?

1. Web Hosting and Registering a Domain Name

To set up a website, you need two things Domain Name and Web Hosting. If you have a question about where to register a domain name and get the web hosting from? I have mostly used SiteGround as web hosting and domain registration, as it’s a very popular and reputed company.

So here are some valid reasons to go with SiteGround.

  • 2055+ experts and users have reviewed SiteGround as the best hosting provider.
  • Reliability: Your website will be available 24/7/365 without facing any downtime.
  • Superfast servers: All SiteGround servers are highly optimized for speed. They are equipped with the latest hardware like SSD drives and custom software to make sure that your site is super fast. 
  • Top-Notch Customer Support Their customer support is fantastic, to say the least. They offer 24/7 phone, live chat, and ticket-based support.
  • Free CDN and SSL They offer instant setup of Cloudflare’s free CDN and free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
  • Multiple Server Locations They have data centers on three continents. You can choose the location you prefer during the signup.

I worked out a deal with them where you can get started for just $3.9/month.

Web Hosting

2. Design Your Website

Once you have successfully installed WordPress to your domain, you’ll see a very basic and clean site. But you need a website that you can customize in the way you like, and you need a theme a design template that tells WordPress how your website should look.

You can see an example of a free WordPress theme that you can install: I have used these two.

  • Elegant themes

Elegant Themes are known as Home of Divi and the most popular WP theme in the WordPress world. You can build it visually, and it will take WordPress to a whole new level with its incredibly advanced visual builder technology.

Divi is not just a WordPress theme, it’s a unique and new website building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a vastly superior visual editor. Design and the user-friendliness can be enjoyed by design professionals and newcomers alike, giving you the power to create spectacular designs with surprising ease and efficiency.

They have Chat Option Available if you have any doubts and queries you can talk to them. Divi makes building websites more comfortable and user-friendly. For beginners and website owners, Divi gives the freedom to bring your visions to life.

elegant themes

  • Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes give you a range of conversion-focused WordPress themes. This is built for speed, readability, and clarity. And they are packed with features that make your website building life easy and user-friendly.

As I have used this theme, There are multiple aspects of Thrive Themes that you need to know about. It isn’t just you use for themes; it’s an all in one plug-in to transform your website into a money-making machine.

It has a live preview so you can see how it looks on different devices so you can customize the user experience. you can able to hide or enable elements depending on if the users are visiting via a mobile, desktop, or tablet

The click and drag page builder option has around 40 different elements that give you control over almost everything in the design. This includes changing the color, height, width, background, text without just a few clicks of the button. You can also edit or delete any elements or sections if you want.

Thrive Themes

3. Add Content To Your Website

I have heard Many Marketers say that Content is king. As content marketing, of course, which has taken the first place in Digital Marketing, which is considered the “Backbone” of marketing. Content is considered as the heart of today’s marketing strategies as businesses use websites and blogs to showcase their expertise.

Seth Godin says Content marketing is the only sort of marketing left. Click To Tweet

Creating and consistently delivering the content takes a huge effort, and you need to build a deep understanding of the needs of your target audience. You should be aware of where and how you add value. It also takes time and skill as per my expertise as a blogger.

Valuable content may not be easy, but it is an essential tool if you are going to grow a successful business in this web-driven world. There are certain Content Marketing Tools that you should be known to create and manage the website content.


This tool Plays an active role when it comes to content when you are writing something to seek online presence the content we are sharing across must be Correct. Grammarly is a tool used for checking grammar, spelling and duplicate content developed by

To get organic traffic, every piece of content on the website should be SEO Optimised, and here are three main branches of SEO – technical, off-page, and on-page.

Your content falls into the on-page SEO – how the content on the site works to attract search engines and readers.

4. Optimizing the Website Content

A site cannot be Perfectly optimized unless it has an excellent technical SEO foundation. Only the SEO optimized Website doesn’t make a rank, but it allows it to rank using on-page and off-page optimization.

optimize website for organic traffic

When we start optimizing our new website, we need someone to take care of the SEO part an SEO Consultant. Today, we’re going to look at some easy things you can do to start your website’s SEO on the right foot on your own without hiring an SEO consultant.

5. Keyword Research

Keyword research is a most Important SEO task that involves capturing popular words and phrases people enter into search engines. Doing Research on the keywords gives marketers a better understanding of how high the demand is for specific keywords and how hard it would be to compete for those terms in the organic search results.


Semrush is a must-have tool for every blogger or website. It has a unique approach to Keyword research. It assembles all the essential keyword research tools one could ever ask for in one place – the KeywordMagic tool.


So if you haven’t already started using Semrush, go ahead and pull it up and if you would like to access all of the features, you can sign up for a free fourteen-day trial as well, that will give you more results.

Step 1: Do the site Audit.

Once the crawl runs through, you get a report that lets you export the crawled pages (on “crawled pages”, click on the export button in the top right).


Step 2: Extract User Behavior and Backlink Data

Now we have a basic index of pages, we still need the data to assess which ones to prune. We can use many different criteria to assess the performance of a URL:

  • Organic entrances
  • % bounced entrances / bounce rate
  • Total pageviews/sessions
  • Number + quality of backlinks
  • Crawl frequency
  • # of ranking keywords
  • CTR
  • Backlinks
  • Social shares

Check your website’s backlink here 👇🏻

Semrush tool is now supporting 143 countries with over 10.6 billion keywords in total, and our keywords database keeps expanding at a very faster pace.

Step 3: Identify Underperforming Pages

Apply conditional formatting to each column and sort the table after traffic to see why certain URLs are not performing as well. Sometimes, a page has a high bounce rate, other times not enough links, or it was never optimized for a keyword.

If the content is king, the keyword strategy is queen. Reaching the targeted audience via organic search can only be managed when you have the right keywords.

SEMrush is a powerful tool that will help you find the best SEO keywords and get a higher ranking. This tool Organic Research data, you can gain insights into your competitors’ organic content strategy.

Click here to get the Bounceble’s Semrush special offer.

Search terms not only give an idea about search volume but also come up with a bunch of related keyword suggestions that you may not have thought of yet.

You can see how a simple word you took up through a Facebook group or from a conversation with your business partner can grow into a useful tree of keywords becoming with ideas for your pages or next blog post.

If you want a complete guide on Semrush, then read this article.

6. On-Page SEO

This is the most crucial thing wherein you are optimizing the pages and posts on your website with a particular keyword that is related to your business. The most important factors for search engine optimization present on your website.

Link building without on-page optimization is not going to be effective. Below are the on-page optimization elements you should consider, and you should put on each of your website’s main pages. Before we get started, one thing you have to keep in mind when using any of the following SEO elements is not to overdo it.

Over optimizing your website, pages may lead you to end up with a huge penalty from Google, so don’t do it. You might be tempted to shove a lot of keywords onto your pages, but that is not your point. Google has come up with an over-optimization penalty that targets websites that have too many keywords stuffed onto one page.

When it comes to keywords and optimization, Make it simple think of up to five keywords Related to your business or keyword phrases for each page on your website and optimize for those.

on-page and off-page seo

When you want to optimize your pages, and don’t know for which keywords, you have to optimize the page with a tool to find the business-relevant keywords. Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is the best one as per my expertise, and also you can use Google’s Keyword Planner to find the right keywords.

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant organic traffic in search engines.

On-page SEO Factors

a. Title Tag

It tells the search engines what our site is about. The title can have up to 70 characters or less, and it should include your business or brand name and keywords that relate to your business and to that specific page only. This tag is placed between the <HEAD> </HEAD> tags near the top of the HTML code for the page.

Title tags will be displayed on the search engine results pages as the clickable headline for a given search result. The title tag of a web page is meant to be an accurate description of a page’s content.

b. Meta Description

The Meta description is the two-line description of the topic of the page, which includes the keywords, and it gives search engines a little more insight into what your page is about. There is still discussion going on with whether meta descriptions can help with keyword rankings. Without considering, you need to write a meta description keeping your audience in mind, which includes the page’s main keywords, the meta description will show up in search results.

use of keywords for organic traffic

This picture shows How the Title Tag & Meta Description Looks in the Search engine results page. You can see that the keywords searched by a user are bolded by Google in both the title tag and the meta description. You have to use your business or brand name and keywords in both the title and meta description so that google can identify them.

If you are using WordPress? Adding title tags and meta descriptions to your pages are easy using free plugins such as All in One SEO, Platinum SEO, and SEO by Yoast. By using premium plugins such as Yoast SEO, you can also get SEO suggestions.

c. Internal Links

Link building is one of the most important things to get organic traffic and to rank in Google. As high-quality backlinks you have, there should be some internal links on your website. Wherein your blog is the best thing to interlink to some other post on your site to build internal links.

d. Header Tags

There will be different header tags on the website, which again has the target keywords in it. The <H1></H1> tags surround the post title – there should only be one set of <H1></H1> tags per page. Using these tags helps both readers and search engines understand the structure and sections of your content published.

e. Image & ALT Text

If you are using images on your website, you should optimize the images with an alternative text. Think of good keywords for both the image name and the alt tag and try to incorporate it. This can help search engines find our images for their image search based on the keywords specified.

7. Off-Page Optimization

Off-page search engine optimization refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a website in the search engine results page. If you are trying to optimize the page of your site, then off-page SEO is necessary. Off-page SEO improves the page rank of your website.

Link building is one of the best things in off-Page Optimisation like votes saying your website deserves to be ranked highly. The primary goal of link building is to get other websites to link to yours. If you think about ranking at the top of search results Getting links with keyword anchor text will help you rank individually for the keywords that are linked to.

So how to get links? There are lots of ways to do it. Ahrefs is the best tool to find the backlinks that your competitor has and to get the backlink from the same sites related to your business.

  • Create Backlinks
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Perfect Page Layout
  • Forum Posting
  • Article Submission
  • Guest Posting
  • Link Exchange
  • Directory submission
  • Search engine Submission
  • Classified submission
  • Video Promotion Techniques
  • Blog Review
  • PDF Submission and Document Submission
  • Image submission
  • Question And Answer
  • Infographic submission


Building backlinks is at the heart of off-page SEO.

A site with so many high-value backlinks will usually rank better than an otherwise similar site with fewer backlinks.

Most of us will have a hard time generating enough organic backlinks to raise their rankings in search engines and increase organic traffic. Link building is such an important task in SEO. Building quality links is not that easy so by doing some of the following activities you can get through.

  • Do guest blogging to popular blogs in your industry.
  • Blogger outreaches businesses to see if they will link to you.
  • Make a comment on other related blogs with your website or blog link.
  • Make directory submission related to your industry niche.

Create link-worthy content.

Creating your Infographics is a good idea. You can create a beautiful image representing important information and allow others to use the infographic on their website in exchange for linking back to yours as credit.

8. Page speed

Another Important key thing is page speed in the mobile era. As per the statistics, mobile users are more than desktop users’ search. Ensuring your pages are SEO-friendly website design and the content on the site and images are not more significant and not taking more page load time.

  • Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

This tool will give you feedback on mobile-friendliness, mobile speed, and desktop speed. It also wraps everything up into a handy little report detailing what exactly you can do to speed things up.

  • Pingdom

Pingdom is an excellent page speed monitoring tool. Everybody loves a fast site. They have made setting up your page speed monitoring equally so. The most accessible speed testing tool to use! Not everyone is a web performance expert, and so for the typical WordPress user, some of the other alternative tools out there can be quite overwhelming.

website speed

9. Monitoring Your Results

Once after doing all the good work, it’s essential to keep track of your SEO progress by monitoring your results. The improvement and results of the website in terms of setting up leads to organic traffic and gets revenue to your business.

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to learn more about the visitors to your website. In particular, monitor your organic search traffic sources to see what keywords people are using to find your website in search results.

Setting up goals, to see which keywords lead to visits where visitors do what you want them to do on your website, such as sign up for a mailing list or purchase a product. This will help you learn what keywords you should be targeting with your SEO campaign.

analysis your website traffic through google analytics

Organic Traffic and Ranking Signals That Affect SERPs

SEMrush has found that the number of direct website visits to your site will positively impact your organic SERPs position. Metrics that show higher engagement rather than what content is written on the page have a more massive impact on ranking.

Time on site, pages per session and bounce rate are metrics that indicate a higher quality of results to Google and therefore, are prioritized higher.

keywords to increase organic traffic


Optimizing your website for SEO in the Development stage improves the organic traffic to the site by 70%, and organic traffic is the primary source to rank higher on Google. If you spend a good amount of time on your content on the website and optimizing it, you can see the results and traffic shooting to your website.

Have you tried optimizing your website from the stage of development? What strategy do you take to generate organic traffic? 🤩👇🏻

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