How To Promote Blog Posts On Social Media?

How to promote blog post on social media

In what way social media can help you increase your blog traffic and promote blog posts? Probably tailoring your social post can help you bring traffic to your website. Here in this blog, I have mentioned essential and straightforward ways to improve your blog traffic.

It’s a known fact that every business has a Facebook Page and that’s true that Facebook can bring a lot of traffic to your website. But relying on only one platform can be wrong as you won’t be able to grow your potential on other platforms.

Being on the different platforms can bring you readers and expand your reach to a bigger audience. Reach out to people who comment on your blog post, follow you on social media and interact with you through messages. Frequently share your content on social media will help you build followers.

Social Media Tools to Market Your Blog Posts

There are many tools for scheduling your blog post, and it suggests you improve posts based on the trends. It is the best method to get more clicks, like and share buttons. Ask your friends and families to boost your blog posts through other social bookmarking sites, like Reddit, DIGGG, and others.

You can also promote you’re blogging in these sites but do it occasionally because they block multiple submissions from the same user. Include Social sharing tools on the website it helps you to share your blog posts in all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Email through a single tool.

While writing a headline for a blog post needs to be catchy and click-worthy, which will ultimately help you attract an audience. Write compelling and efficient content; it helps your blog post on social media sites to increase followers. People who are using social media they will go through your post only when they feel it as exciting and worthy to listen.

And your only tool for the go is SocialPilot, which will help you manage your complete social media marketing effortlessly.


Social media gives everyone the ability to share their views. There is so much competition that without proper planning it will be hard for you to attract the audience. While using social media for promoting your blog posts, you need to show how unique you are.

Guideline for Social Media Marketers for Promoting Your Blog Posts

Character Limits For Every Social Network

Social media promotion is essential to increase active followers and likes for your blog posts. You can’t share the same content on different social media channels because each channel will work distinctly. So you should modify your content and images to fit in each platform.

If you are using Facebook for your blog posts promotion, then you should talk to your audience differently, when compared to business subscribers on LinkedIn. If you are promoting your blog posts on Twitter, Then you should be short and straightforward.

Because on Twitter, you can use only 280 characters, while using Pinterest, choose an attractive image to drag the user’s attention. Every social media channel has a unique way of promoting your content. The number of characters in the content and the image size varies.

You can add hashtags related to your blog post it will help to display your content in a search result. Using hashtags is a good option on Twitter and Instagram, but hashtags will not produce an efficient outcome in LinkedIn or Facebook.

Strategies to Improve traffic and to Market your Blog Posts

1. Promoting On Facebook

Facebook is an excellent option for you to advertise your blog posts. Within your Facebook pages, profiles, and you can share it in your Facebook groups also.

Facebook allows you to write 2000 characters of content in that only the first 480 characters will appear in the timeline; the rest of the content hidden inside the More link. I suggest you write the essential information within 480 characters. And also, Facebook statistics show that short content posts have a higher engagement rate when compared to lengthy posts.

If you are creating a Facebook post with less than 480 characters, all the text will be visible in the news feed. Posts without images are like fish within a glass bowl. Your posts can reach only a limited audience to reach a mass audience, and you should attract them by posting content with excellent and relevant images.

Try to add links in your text field while promoting blog posts it will be easy for your audience to get more details. Whenever you were using images in your posts, it will store automatically in your album. So all your blog images will be available under one roof for your followers to access.

If you want to hold back all your frequent follower postings and share the blog post on the Facebook page, profile, and Facebook groups but on different dates and times. Reshare your blogs post once after 2 or 3 months.

How To Promote Blog Post On Facebook

2. Instagram

Instagram is unique when compared to other channels. It has a different size of the image that is 1080 x 1080 pixels. So that on Instagram, all images will be on the same size. On Instagram, you can write 2,200 characters in this only the first three lines will be displayed in the feed.

To view complete paragraphs, one should click on the More link. Ensure that you added all required information within the 150 characters so you can reach your audience fluently, this will help you promote blog posts easily.

Hashtags play a vital role in the Instagram posts use keywords as a hashtag. So your target audience can find you soon; you can add up to 30 hashtags in your Instagram posts. On Instagram, you can’t share reference links, but you can include URL in your caption so your flowers can reach your blog.

Instagram is best for visual promotion to share the highlighted images of your blog post on Instagram for the initial advertisement.

instagram marketing engagement and strategy

3. Role of LinkedIn in Market your blog posts and promotion

LinkedIn allows you to share blog posts on the company page, on LinkedIn profile, and on groups. With LinkedIn, you can republish blog posts by using LinkedIn SlideShare.

On your LinkedIn company page, you can share the post with 500 characters of content. If your text is more than 150 characters, then your audience should click on see more to look into full content.

For getting better results for blog posts on LinkedIn, share the material with a relevant and attractive image and with the proper link. The content should encourage your audience to interact with your blog post.

Generally, in LinkedIn, interacting based posts will get more likes, share, view, and comments. Share your blog posts for primary promotion. You can Repeat your post once in a week, and frequently reduce the posting rate to every 2-3 months on your LinkedIn profile.

You can also share the same blog post on your company page and in the group also but on different days and times. LinkedIn is the best option for attracting the business audience.

4.  Make use of Pinterest

On Pinterest, the image is the vital part of your pin. You can also write a description of your pin so that users can easily reach it. In Pinterest, you can write a description of up to 500 by describing your images. With the Pinterest store all your pictures in the album, you can group images based on topic, brand, or image size.

The image plays a significant role in convincing users to click, but the description also crucial because with the help of descriptions, only your picture displayed on a search result.

In the story, don’t use more than 250 characters and add all-important keyword and hashtags, which are related to your image.

To promote blog posts you need to add images and add links and descriptions. Share the highlighted images of your blog post on Pinterest for initial promotion.


5. Promoting blog post on Twitter.

In a social media channel, Twitter is the first to introduce @ handles and hashtags with this drastic improvement has taken place in search results for contents. Twitter has limited for only 280 characters still it maintained it craze in society with a short message facility.

It is not necessary to use a complete 280 character, tweets which has less than 280 characters work well. For getting more retweets don’t forget to add links and images related to your posts.

When you are adding hashtags ensure that use at least four trendy hashtags. It helps your target audience, to reach you soon; you find the hashtags based on their search volume. You can also use @ handles to tag someone in your message.

When compared to other social media channels, Twitter posts lifespan is less, so you can promote your blog post twice or thrice or sometimes more than 10 times in the same day. In the beginning, you can share four times also for primary promotion.

Simple Ways for Promoting Your Blog on Social Channels.

social media facts

Promote Other Bloggers post who has more audience.

You should promote other bloggers because they already have more followers. That means the blog sharing rate will be more once you connect with that audience. You can promote your blog posts easily. And also, the other bloggers support you because you helped them to improve their blogs.

Try to Promote other bloggers on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. So you will also get a chance to appear on their social media channels. By this, you will get newer friends’ and followers. While greeting new friends greet them by giving your blog link and ask questions like if they need any blogging help or how to reach your blog.

All social media channels have tools to send automated direct messages to use it to promote your blog posts.

Focus on answering your audience problem

If you want to promote your blog posts only with links, it is not enough. And I guess you should give more time to your audience you should answer for their most difficult problems. By this, you can build a close relationship between your audience and also you will gain

Instead of simply posting your blog post link on social media channels try to chat or discuss with the audience. Ask questions to get inside the mind of your audience. Provide answers to their most pressing problems.

It will safeguard you by spamming as well as social media sites that will respect you. It is a simple method of generating traffic indirectly to your blog.

Hashtags are the mini promoters for your blogs on social media. In all social media channels finding target users is a difficult job. With the help of hashtags, you can drive interested and target audience traffic to your blog.

While using hashtags, keep in mind which tags will work better for reaching your target audience.

For example, #bloggingtips or #blogging. Still, you have thought why people are not sharing your posts on social media? Because you’re not asking your audience to share your post. Always ask your audience to share your blog post through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Updating Blog posts (Timings)

Usually, for getting clicks on like and share, it is necessary to post on peak timings. If you want to reach a bulk audience, then you should do blog posts on peak times. I suggest you publish your blog post between 8 to 10 AM this timing estimated as the maximum sharing time of social media.

Check your audience analytics report. From this, you can find out from which social media channel you’re getting more readers to your blog. Then you can plan based on when your mass audience active than you can post or share your blog on social media sites.

Promoting through social media will not get success to you in 1 or 2 weeks; it will take a minimum of 3-6 months. But you should not stop focusing on these channels once if you’re getting in a steady way you can reach your goals quickly.



Promoting your blog on other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn is called Cross-promoting. With this, your content on social media will help you to drive more traffic to your blog. I suggest you don’t make a mistake like putting the same content on all social media channels will not get you the exact result.

Try to understand the requirement on a particular social media channel. Which we have discussed earlier to ensure that you implement all strategies before placing your blog post on social media.

The main formula for social media success is Be social, Be friendly. Be a promoter, Be helpful. Don’t create different posts for each social media to do some modification slightly; it will help you to improve your results.

How do you market your blog posts ? is there any other way you use to Market your blog posts?

If you’re a blog writer, then you’re also interested in drive more traffic and promote blog posts. So, achieve it by doing the proper sharing of your blogs on social media channels.

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