41 Place to Promote Posts and Get Free Traffic.

41 Place to Promote Posts and Get Free Traffic. beyond execute

So you just have published a new blog post? And now wondering how to get free traffic to it? Don’t close your laptop and go to bed once you hit that ‘publish’ button. It’s where the game starts.

Writing and publishing blog posts or articles on your own website isn’t good enough. If you’re going to gain any real attraction, you need to look beyond publishing content on your website. Think of sharing your content on other outlets like a megaphone: the more place to promote posts, the wider the message will spread.

That’s why I have created this blog post containing a list of 41 places to promote posts and get free traffic.

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This post is 3500+ words, so ya, sit back with your coffee and enjoy it. Also, read till the end, there’s something awesome that you might like.

  1. Share on StumbleUpon (Now know as Mix)

You might have already heard about StumbleUpon, which has recently turned into Mix. It has over 25 million users. Mix is one of the web’s biggest communities as well as one of the cheapest place to promote posts and get free traffic.

You can also advertise on Mix. In a case study on his blog, Stefan Maescher revealed he got 60,275 visitors to his blog by spending just $128.90. The key to success with Mix ads lies in having share-worthy content, promoting it with a few dollars and letting it go viral on Mix.

  1. Join H.A.R.O.

H.A.R.O., Help A Reporter Out, is a platform that brings reporters and “sources” together. When looking for sources to quote in an article, reporters often visit H.A.R.O. to discover people to interview.

If you have a relevant story that a reporter needs, then you might be mentioned as a source when the reporter publishes their article. Just inform the reporter to mention your website in the article if relevant/possible.

  1. Take advantage of local media & get free traffic.

The online and blogging craze is so high that many people now fail to recognize the power of offline media. It’s one of the place to promote posts and get free traffic. Seek out radio presenters, TV presenters, local magazines and newspapers in your country and request them if they require an expert in your capacity. Due to the blogging craze, fewer people are disturbing them than used to be; this increases your chances of indeed gaining coverage, resulting in a boost in your corporate image and blog traffic.

  1. Submit your blog/website to directories & get free traffic.

While not as effective as they used to be, but blog and website directories can nevertheless be a valuable place to promote posts. Being listed in some blog and website directories can also boost and get free traffic to your blog. 

You can rewrite, or promote a link for free, some of your articles and post them on article directories. Article directories are not as effective as they used to be, but you can rewrite some of your articles in minutes and have them distributed to article directories. Make sure you include links to your blog in these articles. 

  1. Get your blog/website listed on Google News

Being included in Google news can result in a massive boost in traffic to your blog, especially if you’re first to cover major events or celebrity or sports news. You can directly apply for inclusion in Google News.

  1. Email newsletter & signature

Your email subscribers are the first ones who should get to know about your emails. They have signed up for that, right?

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Email subscribers are the most loyal visitors you can have, and they are most likely to read every recent article by you.

If youre someone who discusses frequently of business over email, then email signature is a great way to get free traffic. Even, a simple email signature that says, “check out my latest article” will work unexpectedly. 


  1. Pingler is One of the places to promote posts

Pingler enables you to ping your article to search engines for free. This free tool will let search engine bots know about your most recent articles and request them to index it as soon as possible.

  1. Pinterest

A lesser-known yet effective social media channel to share and one of the popular places to promote posts and get targeted traffic to your site. Pinterest is my #1 source to get free traffic and I love the community over there.

Anything you share here is called pins, and you save pins in inboards. You can create pinboards for every category of your site and start adding pins to them. 

The users here love designs and graphics, so if you can create beautiful pins, your pins enjoy better chances of being viral. Unlike other social media channels, Pinterest pins don’t die and will keep bringing traffic to your site for the rest of their life.

Join a few Pinterest Group boards to gather more re-pins from fellow bloggers. 

  1. Facebook

This one seems obvious, but it is a place many people forget.

If you’re concerned about spamming your family or friends who aren’t in the industry, consider creating a Facebook list or page for work folks. This way you don’t have to worry about confusing your great Aunt Gertrude with a step by step guide to PPC.

Grab an inspirational quote from your content, make sure your image displays correctly and send it out – assuming it is relevant to your audience.


  1. Facebook groups are one of the places to promote posts.

Facebook groups are still alive and well! Because many users are already using Facebook on their personal time, they can get free traffic by promoting the link to their posts.

Join a few industry-related groups and share your most valuable content once a month, while equally contributing to the group when possible.

Be sure to stay active as a member of the chat or group by answering questions, reading others’ content, and contributing genuinely to the group.

  1. Google+

One of the most underrated social networking sites and place to promote posts, Google plus is a gem for online marketers. More than 90% of users who use Google plus are online marketers and bloggers. It is the second-largest social networking site after Facebook.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is another best place to promote posts and get free traffic to your website. If your article makes sense for your brand, consider including your article to your sharing list for your brand accounts. You can even schedule the article to be posted several times over a few months.

Twitter moves fast, so it makes sense to share your article, along with an inspirational quote, in a few places on Twitter. It is in your best interest to spread the shares out a bit, so you don’t overwhelm your audience.

For a more targeted audience, look for industry-related Twitter chats and use their hashtags when sharing really high-quality content.

Practice it sparingly: don’t spam the chat hashtag with every piece of content you write. But it’s fairly common to see popular marketing hashtags active even when the regular Twitter chats aren’t going on.

  1. Empire.kred

If you’ve ever invested in the stock market, you’ll love this platform. Empire.kred is a social stock market where influencers help each other grow stronger by building deeper connections. It has a virtual currency known as “$Eaves” which you can invest in other profiles, establish a network and get free traffic.

Another interesting feature is “social missions” where you have to complete an action or task which is as simple as  “Visit a web page”, “Visit a Tweet”, “Visit a YouTube Video or Channel” or “Visit a Location.

By completing these missions, you get a chance to connect with the brand and both parties are expected to share feedback.

  1. Growth hackers

Growth hackers were previously known as Inbound.org, it’s a community of internet marketers. You can share your most recent articles, and the community will like or dislike it in the form of upvote and downvote. Do not ever spam or self-promote too much. Your account will be disabled without any prior warning.

  1. Amino

If you spend a lot of time on your mobile, Amino is an excellent place to connect with people and another place to promote posts. Amino is a mobile community which has grown millions of users in a brief period.

Similar to Reddit, they maintain a community for every topic you can imagine. You can join any community and ask questions, share articles, or chat with people.

It is an excellent place to start as it is not as saturated as other social media channels and you can actually grow big if you practice it consistently.

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  1. Reddit

Reddit comprises the front page of the internet and one of the best place to promote posts. It is perhaps the most active community over the internet, and it offers the potential to bring thousands of visitors a dayReddit users aka Redditors love the unique stuff and hate spam more than any other community. And they’re excellent at mocking.

There are subreddits for almost every possible subject with strict rules. If you ever break the law, you will be directly banned from the subreddit.

  • Set up your profile, a professional-looking one.
  • Try remaining active in threads related to your industry.
  • Moreover, find some subreddits (Reddit has nearly 8000 of them) that are unusually large. You can use meta-Reddit to keep a track of the best-Reddit.
  • Try to study how these Reddits work. Are they allowing promotional content? Or how is the tone of the users there?
  • Post your blog post with some fitting intro to it.
  1. Instagram

To drive content from Instagram, include a portion of your content in the caption and add the link to the content to your bioInstagram stories only last 24 hours but allow you to share links more easily.

  1. Snapchat

Similar to Instagram, Snapchat is also a smartphone app that more or less is used for social interaction. Snapchat is relatively new in the industry, but Internet marketers have already started developing their space.

If you want to target the young audience with age between 16-25, Snapchat is an excellent platform.

  1. Linkedin

Like Medium, LinkedIn allows you to syndicate blog posts on your personal LinkedIn profile as LinkedIn articlesAlthough these articles currently don’t automatically add rel=canonical links, research has shown that Google isn’t flagging these as duplicate content (even though they show up on duplicate content search sites like Copyscape).

Because of their existing network on LinkedIn, many users have built up a strong subscribe to users’ posts, meaning they will receive a notification every time that the user publishes something new.

This built-in alert system is a definite advantage over other platforms. Especially since your blog readers don’t get alerts like that unless they subscribe to email notifications. Which is a lot bigger commitment than checking a box to receive an in-platform notification on LinkedIn?

41 Place to Promote Posts and Get Free Traffic beyond execute

  1. Quora

Quora, the question and answer network, is an excellent tool for showing your brand and authority. You can additionally use this place to promote posts. Quora has a meaningful influx of users (nearly 1.5 million per month) who know what they are looking for.

Answering questions asked by users in a valuable way and adding relevant links to your blog can get more exposure.

As Quora users are quite dedicated, many marketers and bloggers also ask questions related to their upcoming posts to collect ideas. If you provide a convincing answer to their question, you can also land chances of backlinks.

Here’s how to use Quora:

  • Using the search bar to type finds questions related to your keyword.
  • Omit threads with a large number of comments. (not compulsory but long threads have low chances of CTR)
  • On relevant threads, write a compelling answer and link back to your blog.
  • Include multimedia if necessary.
  1. Yahoo Answers

Another popular Q&A site and place to promote posts that have been live before Quora. Although Yahoo answers are pretty much close to its end (Since being replaced by sites like Quora, they rank well for some search queries.)

You can expect to get some good traffic if your helpful content doesn’t look spammy. Follow the same promotion strategy as that of Quora.

  1. Flipboard

Flipboard is another traffic machine and place to promote posts, that can make your site crash. Working is simple, you create related boards and submit your articles. Other users will see them while flipping around.

Users can add your content to their boards and vice versa. Just to let you know, Flipboard is being my third highest traffic source which has been now taken by Pinterest.

One thing to note about Flipboard is the strict guidelines. It suggests keeping a proper balance and share other content before sharing yours or follow the popular 80:20 rule.

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is another social media cum blog platform to share images and place to promote posts. It lets you create your blogs where you can link your website and the latest articles.

Although it is not as popular as other social media channels, niches like art and image-focused works pretty well here. Also, if youre into adult content (wink, wink), Tumblr is a great platform to explore.

It has a unique schedule feature, so you can spend just 10 minutes and automate a week worth of content.

  1. Medium

Medium is a blogging platform actively used by internet marketers and professionals to share case studies, personal experiences and more. 

Medium also allows you to republish your existing blog posts (if you use their import feature, they even add a rel=canonical link.), but you can also use this platform as a way to increase traffic to the full blog posts on your site. 

This is the tactic DrumUp uses: they post snippets of full blog posts on Medium, and then direct users to the full article on their website.

If you don’t want to syndicate the entire text of your blog posts, this might be a tactic to try. If you’re getting good traction on Medium, you could mix it up by adding occasional exclusive Medium articles once you’ve built up your readership.

  1. Triberr

Triberr, as the name suggests is a place where you can create your tribes. Other users can follow your tribe, and you have access to upgrade them as a member or not.

Tribber is focused on small bloggers and businesses, and if youre a team player, you will get more shares from other bloggers in your niche.

  1. Digg

Digg is another place to promote posts and also the homepage of the internet, featuring the best articles, videos, and original content that the web is talking about right now. If you can manage to get viral here, expect your servers to get crashed.

  1. Viral content buzz

Viral Content Buzz is a site that can quickly turn your latest blog post to an internet sensation. I started using this platform actively last month and with 10 minutes of work (by sharing other useful articles), I get shares from top bloggers in the industry.

I highly recommend this platform if you’re a noob and want quick exposure for your articles. You can also buy the credits to save time and increase your reach.

  1. Ello

Ello is a community of designers and artists. However, you can freely share your latest articles here and expect some folks to reach out to your website and read it.

If you are into fashion, art or food, then you’ll love people at Ello. It’s also a great example of minimalistic design, and creativity put together.

  1. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a professional content curation site that lets you share articles with the right set of individuals.

You can get started with a free account and learn how it works. I have started being active here, and the results have been decent so far.

  1. AllTop

AllTop is a popular RSS feed site that automatically shares your latest articles. There are various categories in which you can apply and submit to your blog.

The interesting thing here is you don’t have to do anything once you’re accepted. Your latest article will automatically be listed on the category page making it a perfect set-and-forget sharing platform.

  1. DoSplash

DoSplash is a community and place to promote posts, which are judged by others using upvote and downvote system. There aren’t many active users as there used to be, but still, if you can manage to be on the homepage, you’ll see good traffic coming on your way.

  1. Feedly

A popular RSS, news aggregator and another great place to promote posts, used by thousands of people. Similar to AllTop, Feedly requires minimal work on your end. You just have to choose the targeted topics, and every new post will be shared with the community. Readers can also share the article with friends or colleagues, so the chances of word-of-mouth marketing are more here.

  1. SlideShare

Creating really good content takes timeOne way to get the most mileage out of your content is by taking highlights and turning it into a presentation for SlideShareJust changing the format you present your content in can help reach a wider audience.

Turn your blog post into PDF or presentation and share it on SlideShare to get free traffic and downloads.

  1. Flickr

Flickr, an image sharing site, has millions of users, and this presents you with a great opportunity to increase your reach. Take cool pictures around you that you own a copyright to and publish them on these sites with a Creative Commons license on the condition that those who use the link to you. 

This will result in bloggers using your images and linking to you, and occasionally top media sites will use your images and send you some quality traffic.

  1. Sniply

Sniply is another place to promote posts that lets you add a little call-to-action to every link you share on social media. So, if you share an article from another famous blogger’s site, then it will have a little CTA which will entice users to visit your blog.

  1. Bloglovin

Bloglovin is a new blogger’s community site that grabs content from your RSS feed and automatically shows it to your followers.

It is a great platform to find related bloggers and read their latest articles at one place. You can also follow blogs in your niches to stay updated with their most recent content.

  1. BizSugar

I came across this community for small bloggers and businesses recently. It’splatform to share your best content and best place to promote posts with like-minded people. The rating scheme used here is called “sugar” and other members show their support for your content by adding “sugars.

The articles with most sugars are shared on the first page which gets the maximum exposure. Other members can also comment and start a conversation on your entries. 

The platform is more targeted towards businesses in finance, tech, management, marketing, and startup niches, so personal blogs (unless very interesting) get lesser exposure.

  1. BlogEngage

A perfect platform for personal bloggers and writers to share and place to promote posts and get meaningful reviews from others. BlogEngage has an upvote/downvote voting scheme which decides how well your content will be shared with the communities.

Even if you manage to get 10 upvotes, your article will be on the first page of the website or the category. The community here is very active and shows their support by commenting, voting, saving, and sharing your articles.

As of today, it boasts 3500+ members 50,000+ published stories. Other interesting features include personal messaging, live chat, groups, and occasional giveaways for the members.

  1. Blokube

A sister website to BlogEngage, Blokube is a similar platform (with similar design) built for bloggers to share, connect, and grow. In the owner’s words:

Blokube offers a place for bloggers to mastermind. To network. To exchange ideas and interact. Blokube is a community.

The working and features are almost similar to BlogEngage except that there’s no down-voting system. Members can upvote the most useful articles which decide the ranking while avoiding the less useful content.

  1. AmplifyBlog

Among the thousands of other blog communities and places to promote posts, AmplifyBlog is an active community and worth being the part. The working is similar to the above two sites with a few different features.

If your article is good and gains attention, other members will upvote it improving the ranking of the entry. There are two sections namely Home and New. Entries with maximum engagement are shared in the home section which brings them more exposure.

Additionally, there’s a pro plan available where you get a virtual assistant tool to manage all your social media channels starting at $5/month.

  1. EasyRetweet

Another “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” platform. EasyRetweet is a platform to get more retweets, Twitter followers, and get free traffic. For signing up, you get 200 free credits which can be used to get retweets and followers. You can get more credits by following and tweeting other member’s content.


That’s all! It’s not a fully completed list. This actually includes the ones I’ve tried for my website. Sites are coming up every day, and I can’t try and link them all. 

If you know, any other promotional site or place to promote posts which you use then do let me know. I’ll add it to my list. Bookmark this page as I will keep adding more blog promotion sites as I get knowledge about them.

Don’t try promoting all your articles at all these places. That’s not how it works. Also, it will take a lot of your time to understand every site and then build a following. Choose the easiest one (mostly that allows automation.) and stick to them.

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