40+ Blog Post Ideas For Beginners: How To Create Viral Posts


So last night, while cooking Pizza in dinner, I thought of how many blog posts I can create only on Pizza. Within 5 minutes I made a list of 25 blog post ideas. Immediately thought of creating a how-to generate blog post ideas for beginners.

And here we go. All thanks to Pizza. 🍕😂🙏🏻

When you start a bog first thing that comes in mind is what to write about? How to come up with new blog post ideas every day?

Whether it’s a lifestyle blog, business blog, cooking blog or whatever, you should never run out of blog post ideas.

Instead of writing whatever comes in your mind, create blog posts with goals such as converting leads to sales or more shares. Each blog post should have 3-4 goals that you can measure.

Before I get into how to generate blog post ideas for beginners, if you haven’t started a blog yet, then it’s the right time to start and make your blog successful.

Sit and grab a cup of coffee/tea and read.


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Web Hosting

So, now we head towards our next step.

How A Blog Post Goes Viral?

It’s not a miracle or people’s luck that a blog post goes viral, but it’s a secret.

  • They are well researched.
  • They are written for the targeted audience.
  • The language is friendly, understandable and funny.
  • Has shareable content, such as infographics, images to pin, videos, GIFs and much more.
  • The content is actionable.
  • It is marketed/promoted very well. If the blog post is promoted effectively it will get a ton of traffic from social media or search engines, helping it to go viral.

So, if your blog post includes all of these characteristics your blog post will go viral. These are the points you need to remember each time you create a blog post.

How To Generate Blog Post Ideas For Beginners?

Now, you have an idea of how to create a viral blog post, it’s time to generate blog post ideas for beginners. For beginners, it can be hard to come up with blog post ideas, but if it’s done systematically then you’re good to go.

  • Try something new, then blog about it – Experiments are loved by everyone, you can share how you tried something new in the summer breaks and how it turned out.
  • Interview someone – Now it’s not possible to interview Serena Williams in beginning. But someone from your industry or your fellow blogger can help you get thousands of hits by interviewing them.
  • Create an in-depth guide – Are you good in your niche/field. Share your skills with a fancy guide that teaches a valuable skill. Such as write on how to start a social media marketing guide.
  • Create a case study

  • Do a “top-10/20/100” list – Lists are pretty awesome such as top-10 tools for SEO.
  • Create a travel post – Did you travel to a new place? Visited a nearby newly opened cafè. Write and share your experience and recommendation with the readers.
  • Showcase an event you went to – Did you attended a submit or event in your niche? How was it? Did you connect with fellow bloggers? Share how it went, what you learned, and more. In your opinion, tell what you liked or disliked.
  • Share your goals & dreams – Do you want to start a company or new product? Tell your wildest dreams and goals.
  • Share life successes & failures – Everyone has there ups and downs, we learn and grow. So share your life experience through success and failures.

  • Invite guest post – It’s always a great idea to welcome feature guest posts on your blog. Look at my guest post page: Guest Post.
  • Reveal success behind your blog – So it’s been quite a long you’ve started a blog, how has it been? Reveal how you did in the first 6 months.
  • Share your marketing strategy – You don’t need to be a successful marketer to share your marketing strategy. But tell how you promote your blog posts.
  • Show your blog’s monthly expenses – How many blogging tools you use for blogging? How much does it cost you monthly?
  • Create a report on monthly income – How much did you make this month through blogging? Was it through Affiliate marketing, advertisements or sponsor post? Share the detailed monthly income report with your readers.

  • Create a review post – Do you like a certain product? Write a review on that product, why you like or dislike it, would you recommend it to your readers?
  • Create a sponsored post – Sponsored posts are paid posts, where you dedicate a blog post about a particular brand’s product.
  • Showcase your projects – Worked with a brand you love the most? How did the project go? Did you capture pictures? Share everything about the projects you worked on. This will help you get potential future clients when they read your blog post.
  • Common mistakes in your niche – Why not post about common mistakes that other people make in that niche and offer advice to those who are unaware of what they’re doing wrong.
  • Collaborate with experts in your niche
  • Create a podcast – Doing a Podcast post just requires a recording device of some kind and your willingness to say out loud what you would normally write.

  • Share your income and traffic report – Full disclosure about your blog’s return on investment is the best idea when starting your own blog. You can offer financial advice or how you get traffic for your blog and examples of your budget when you go to the store, that way people can create spending habits like yours.
  • Write about common misconceptions in your niche – People always make assumptions, which lead to misconceptions. Blog about the kinds of things people say and think about your niche and prove them wrong.
  • Solve a problem – Whether it’s how to operate software or starting a blog. When you’ve figured out the solution, post it on your blog.
  • Write about your favorite company – It doesn’t need to be a big company, it can be a small company you adore. Showcase the highs and lows, and dig deep to make this a truly interesting post.
  • Offer advice – Life is consistent, there is a cycle of mistakes and lessons. Case and advice, sharing the things you’ve learned in life is a great way to generate some good content and help out a fellow person.
  • Publish an e-book and write a blog post about it – Your blog is a great marketing tool, so make sure you use it! You can generate a lot of buzz by writing an E-book, publishing it online for free and building an email list.

  • Write behind the scene – What happens behind every blog post you create? The hard work it takes to create a perfect blog post. Share it with your audience.
  • Create a list of your favorite things
  • Share legal things about your business/website – Every business and blog needs to work legally. Write a blog post on what legal work your blog/business requires.
  • Describe the worst mistakes you’ve made
  • Do you sell a product? Write about it – If you have a clothing store or digital product or software, your blog will help you attract customers for your product.

  • Promote the service you offer – Do you offer professional services such as social media marketing manager, graphic designing, website building, and blah blah blah? Write a blog post highlighting what you offer to help you promote your service or attract future potential customers.
  • Highlight your accomplishments – Did you won an award, a certificate or accomplish a business or life goal?
  • Predict the future for your niche – Such as what I blogged about: Future of content marketing.
  • Post clever “life hack”
  • Create a step-by-step process – Tutorials are really awesome and will easily help you rank with long-tail keywords.

  • Conduct research – Well researched articles are the most shared and linked articles. Try to take benefits out of them.
  • Write about your blogging journey – I’m sure it’s not pretty straight forward, there will be ups and downs, lots of trials and failures. So why not share it with readers?
  • Share Social media story – Every blog must have at least 1 social media account to promote its content. Write a blog post on how you use social media to promote your blog post and how it benefits your blog.
  • How is your career as a freelancer? – If you do freelancing than you can share your experience, how you got your 1st client, tips on freelancing, etc.

Tools which will help generate blog post ideas for beginners:

Now if the above tips aren’t enough for you to generate your next blog post ideas, then these tools will definitely help you find your way out:

1. Quora

Being an open place where you can ask answers to your question. You can even find ideas from other people. You can simply ask people or search through the search box. Also, it free to create a Quora account.


2. Google

One of the easiest ways to find blog post ideas for beginners is through Google’s search engine. Place your keyword in the search box and you’ll find several ideas for blog posts.


3. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo will find the most-shared content based on search preferences. It’s also good for generating content ideas, curation and link building. Go to www.buzzsumo.com and type the keyword you are looking for.

This will give you fairly some good ideas which are trending right now. It’s important because it will help you discover popular topics in your niche.


4. Pinterest

This is my favorite not only because I get a ton of traffic from it but also I get ideas for my next blog post. Look at some of the pins that worked really well, with 1k-4k repins, can you write on that topic too?


5. Ask people in comments

Always end your blog post with a question, it will help create engagement in the comment section and you might end up getting some queries and suggestions for next blog posts.

For example, ask if they want to know something specific or if they’re having any problem.

6. Ask people through social media

Take advantage of your social media accounts. Ask your followers, readers, family & friends to help you get some ideas. Create posts on occasion where you ask your followers to express their thoughts on your blog and offer suggestions on how it can improve.

7. Communities and forums

Join communities & forums under your niche. Discover how others are working, what they are working on or what’s trends. All these questions will help you come up with a number of blog post ideas.

So, that’s it! Following these tips from this post will help you generate at least 100 blog posts immediately. All you have to do now is keep a blog planner and your next posts.

Don’t just take a topic because it sounds interesting instead write on the topic you’re already familiar with or have knowledge. You need to enjoy writing about if it’s not the case then you won’t be able to engage the audience.

Comment down how you discover blog post ideas?

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