9 Easy Ways To Create Skyrocket Blog Promotion Plan.

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Writing content isn’t enough for you to rank on search engine. If you think writing content and then hitting publish can help you get the higher ranking on search engine or will generate a lot of traffic, then you’re wrong. I can say it’s just the half way to your Content Marketing process and the other half is done through blog promotion.

Even if you have just started a blog or for few months now, and still aren’t getting enough traffic, creating blog promotion plan can help you get into new users eyes. It’s as much important as high quality content. You don’t want your hard work to be wasted like this. On top of that you’ll be losing potential users before they even reach to your blog. 

Let me give you some reasons why blog promotion plan is important:

  1. Having a systemic management of your blog posts. Most of the time we get hectic with social media, content creation, email marketing or SEO, that we either don’t get time to reach out to the new audience or forget about putting much effort on each and every content we create. Having a systemic blog promotion plan or checklist can reduce a lot of your time and help you get more focused.
  2. If you don’t promote, you won’t be able to reach more audiences who might be interested in your content. How will people know you even exist, if you don’t reach out to them? A promotional plan will guide you through the process of reaching out to new users and create engagement on your website.
  3. Drive traffic from new audience. 
  4. Helps reduce bounce rate. Bounce rate is another reason for google ranking. It’s defined by number of users active on your site and how long they stay on it. One way you can make them stick on your blog is by linking your other articles to each other. 
  5. People will share and link back to your site. If people find your content useful they will definitely share it with their network and some might even recommend or link back to your articles. Make sure you have proper article sharing options, but don’t load it with too many. Have options like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, only those place where you can get more exposer and are open for audience.
  6. At last it will help you rank higher on search engine. When your blog post generates traffic, your bounce rate will decrease and people will link back to your site. These all SEO tactics will help your website rank higher on Search Engine.

How to create a blog promotion plan?

  1. Write content your user like.

Basically, before writing a blog post you need to look for your audience type. Who are your audience? What are they searching for? One way to figure out what your audience will like is through seeing best articles of your competitors or what’s trending in your industry, how-to guides or case studies.

Who is your target audience? For whom are you writing content? Ideally, not only your product or service must solve problem of your audience. But also it should educate your audience through problems they face. A sound content strategy supports people on both sides of your product: those who are still figuring out what their main challenges are, and those who are already using your product to overcome these challenges.

To develop a successful blog promotion plan, you need to clearly define your target audience. This will help you focus and reach out to them, and solve their problems. Defining your target audience, you can produce more relevant and valuable content that your users will read. 

  1. Use selling approach 

Well, you’ll go through marketers saying, they don’t prefer putting selling first in blog promotion plan. But I mean why not? Keep in mind, your users are your customers, you have to be smart in keeping them hooked up with your content otherwise some other will take them from you.

It’s not like you have to sell them something all the time, but what you can do is make sure your every content is providing something to your new and existing audience. Like downloadable, resources, services, products or guide.

  1. Link other articles from your website.

It’s important to keep your users stick to your website, with content they are looking for. One way to do is through linking your other relevant articles to each other. This will make them stick to your site and decrease your bounce rate. Hence, get you higher search engine ranking.

You might have seen sites, that links dozens of links in each sentence. This not only looks awful, but also doesn’t do much because won’t be clicking each and every links. This can also effort user experience, and they might even leave your site. Links should be relevant and should give support to your article. 

  1. Make signup visible.

Email! Email! Why its necessary to focus on this? Because email marketing may be the oldest means of marketing but it’s also having one of the higher ROI (not sure, read here). Users that subscribe for your email, are the most loyal fan you have. Spending time building email list is important for every business. 

Email signup forms capture qualified leads from your website, but if you aren’t putting these forms in all the right places, you could be leaving thousands of subscribers on the table. There are different places where you can put your sign up forms:

  1. Pop-up forms, they pop-up when users visit your site after a particular time period. You can set it up with your email service provider.
  2. Floating bar, is a great way to ensure you call-to-action to subscribe to your email list stays view at all times. These can be located on the header of your page or at footer.
  3. Side bar, mostly we offer free resources with our side bar sign up form.

There are different places to put your sign up form or you want to learn more about growing your email list and turning your subscriber into customers. You can read here.

  1. With every blog post offer free item to sign up and build email list.

Mostly, users will only sign up when they are offered something for free. So make sure, you create free stuff that your users are looking for, and offer them for free in exchange of sign ups. Not just this but keep email marketing as a priority on your blog promotion plan.

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Building email list is the best way to turn your organic traffic into engaged readers who constantly see your articles and keep coming back to your blog. Stats say that blog promotion efforts via email marketing can lead to as much as 68% of your blog post traffic. If your content is really compelling, people won’t mind being notified for new content via email. 

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Once you offer the free resource to sign up, you can send updates of your blog posts via email. Sending simple email with little glimpse of whats inside your content can give your users curiosity to open the link and keep reading. But you can always do something fancy, to attract subscribers to open it.

steps to create blog promotion plan

  1. Use infographics to be shared on Pinterest.

Infographics are much wanted and can be easily created with web tools. Strong visuals are needed to grab the attention of today’s web user. A case study states about a company that it used infographics as blog promotion plan and got great results. Use at least one in every post.

Infographics continue to contribute to the site’s traffic, backlinks and social media shares. They are pleasing with relevant data, that happens to be user-friendly – will undoubtedly help increase awareness of your brand. It is also mostly shared on Twitter and Pinterest (How to share infographics and generate traffic from Pinterest) or uploaded on SlideShare. 

  1. Share link on other promotional sites or community.

There are many sites and community where you can share your post’s link and generate traffic from. Think of them as a place to go for information from many different sources related to a specific topic. These are sites where you can promote your content.

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There are sites where you can up-vote others content and they can up-vote and comment on your content, that give site’s users the chance to say it’s good or not. Its an awesome way to keep the community strong. Here is a list of communities and sites you can consider for your blog promotion plan.

Other sites like Quora or Yahoo Answers, where marketer’s talk about solving people’s problems all the time. These are forums purely dedicated to helping people ask questions where they can get expert advice as answers. An awesome way to connect directly with your audience and link back to your blog for further read.

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There are sites where you can bookmark your content, known as social bookmarking sites. You can apply to have your blog’s content present on these sites to help people interested in a certain topic discover your posts. You can also read 34 ideas to promote your business online.

  1. Send click worthy email.

As you know your most loyal users comes from email list. So it’s necessary to make sure they get content they are looking for into there inbox. Most importantly, it’s necessary to make sure they even click to the links. And for them to click on the link, you have catch there attention by creating click-worthy email.

Invest in writing attention-grabbing subject lines, and A/B test to optimize. Not only this make sure format is clean, simple and especially mobile-friendly. Include links for recipients to share socially directly from the email.

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The best time to send an email is about 10 a.m. in your own time zone. The peak here is less than 7% of total inboxes, so there is a lot of variety in the times that people actually check their email. And it gets even more diverse depending on your industry, with some peak times being earlier than 10 a.m., so send your emails at the absolute best times for your niche.


  1. Share blog post on twitter more than once a week.

You could just share your blog post on all social networks when you publish and call it good. But do you know your tweet’s lifeline is less than 5 mins, after that your tweet dies? Sending tweets more than 15 times a day will give you higher return. Share your same article more than once a week. Schedule your tweets through Hootsuite or buffer.

The consensus for daily posting frequency on Twitter was 15 tweets per day. So share lots of content multiple times a day on your twitter accounts to promote your blog posts. Create 25 different headlines for every blog post. 

Tweet again an hour later with a variation of the headline. Review your Twitter Analytics to know which headline got the most clicks. Change your headline to the one that gets the most clicks. Pin your latest blog post, so when people follow you the first thing they see is your latest content. 


Creating an exceptional blog post is hard work, don’t waste it by failing in properly creating blog promotion plan. After creating a blog promotion plan, with a strategist approach, all you need to do is hit publish. Think about long-term investment when you plan your blog promotion tactic. So if everything is done with strategist approach can and will give you a higher return. 

Think about long-term investment when you create blog promotion plan. Whether you’re starting out or you’re working from months on your blog. Create goals and blog promotion plan to see difference in your traffic and ranking. These are developed for organic results, though you can create a paid promotional plan but first consider organic reach. 

Comment down what other type of blog promotion ideas you use.

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