How To Use Content Marketing As Your Growth Weapon?

How to use content marketing as growth weapon beyond execute

Whether you do blogging just for fun or to promote your business/product or service, content is your growth weapon. No matter what people say, they don’t visit blogs for product or service review or whatever, content can make your business come into the public eye without going for advertisement.

So, let me show you how to use content marketing. Not just that but how focusing on somethings can increase your traffic and at last increase your revenue. Through all these times blogging about marketing and experiment on growing my business, I can say content marketing can give you a lot of success.

Yes, there are other ways to promote your business and increase revenue. But how you use content marketing is can change your game.

Before moving on tips on how to use content marketing as a growth weapon, let me start with the current position of your content planning and strategy.

1. Starting new or need to revamp content.

Both require time to get stable and generate enough traffic. When I started (this blog) I use to get somewhere around 100 views a day. It almost took me 3 months to get decent traffic that can generate revenue.

That’s not all, I use to create 3 blog posts per week. Though, every month I did change time and day to publish my content, to test which would fit best for me. Here is the timeline:

  1. The first month I publish only 4 blog posts, one per week, and that too either on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Doing my research I found out these days get the most traffic. And I can see too.
  2. Next month I decided to write 9 more blog posts, and I published them on alternative days. What I found out by this was, some of my content didn’t even receive traffic (at all). But Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, got the most traffic.
  3. In the 3rd month, I decided to publish less content and promote my old content plus new once. Because most of the time we forget to promote our hard work and just hit publish. I only published 4 contents on Tuesday or Thursday and drove huge traffic.

Let me tell you one more thing; you don’t only get traffic due to the best days but by writing content your users are looking for. My blog post 18 Marketing Principle you strictly need to follow is the best example. I got 275% more traffic on this post on the day I publish it and till now it’s one of my most popular content, which still gets many views than any other content.

For starting few months only experiment your blog posts because each niche has different time and day to get higher traffic that can turn into longterm revenue.

2. Goals

Next, a very important step that most of the newcomers or even marketers forget or leave it because it takes too much time, is creating goals for your content marketing. Yes, it’s the first most important thing to do, it will help you stay focus and committed to what you need to achieve.

Decide 2-3 goals and stick with it, your strategy can change but your goals shouldn’t. Create both long-term and short-term goals. Here are some examples:

  • Build aware along with customers or audience about your business.
  • Sale product or service.
  • Get more traffic on your website.
  • Share your knowledge.
  • Get your website rank 1 on your industry’s keywords.
  • Generate more revenue.

And you can create your own goals that fit best for your business. Through your goals, you should be able to tell people what they need to do (meaning Call-to-action) once they land on your web page. Remember to track goals that will help you measure your success and you can take corrective action when required.

3. Measure your success.

I know this can sometimes take a lot of time when you don’t even know where to begin and how much you should track your progress. You can either do it daily, weekly, or monthly, but the best practice is to do all these ways. There’s no need to download any app or software to do this (you can if there is the one you’re using too).

You can simply create an excel sheet, write down your daily progress and simply add or calculate your weekly progress. This way you can see where you lack behind or where you need to shift your strategy. In the same way, you can calculate your monthly progress and see whether you’ve reached your monthly goal or not.

Tips on how to use content marketing as your growth weapon.

1. Write longer posts with detailed content.

Have you ever been to web pages that rank #1 on Google? You would have seen one similarity, they write long posts more than 2000 words and sometimes 3500 words. This is one of the secrets behind their higher ranking.

[Tweet “Neil Patel said, in past, he wrote more than 20,000 words long blog posts.”]

This has been said to you many times, and there’s a reason behind why long posts tend to rank higher on the search engines. Google thinks long posts consist of detailed information that searchers will find useful. Not only long posts but if you link other, top ranking, articles or domain can help your posts rank higher.

Even if you don’t have backlinks, this tactic can help your blogging business grow at the beginning. Write long posts with quality content, including images, links, quotes, internal links (helps you reduce bounce rate and ultimately helps you rank higher).

2. Attractive headlines and descriptions are everything.

Most (or you can say 70%) people skim through your articles, and that’s true. You can’t help it. It takes time. Suppose you visit a website to find some information, mostly what we all do is read the headline and description then click the link, which we find relevant to our search.

Even if we open it, we just skim it read the inner headlines and little bit overview of it. We don’t completely read each word written. So, that should be your main goal, to write for skimmers. Attractive or different headlines, to what they find on other websites, can help you catch the attention.

And to make them stick long on your website, link other articles from your website. That too should be catchy, highlighted enough, so they cannot resist opening it. Each of your posts should contain high quality and catchy headlines or phrases. Remember this is the only reason why someone will click on your website because it’s a competitive world. Let’s face it.

3. Write less content and promote more.

How many blog posts do you publish per week? More than 3? Then how much time (a day) you spend on promoting that content? If you take 6-7 hours per day writing content than you might be left with only 2-3 hours to promote your posts. That’s not enough, with the hard work you put on creating every piece of content. You won’t even generate that much traffic.

Most people do this, and we even hear this advise saying create more content each month. But what about promoting it? That’s why I started to write only 1-2 blog posts per week and spend as much time as possible on promoting it. My traffic dramatically improved. I’ve created a list to make sure I don’t forget any place, every single time, I publish a new post. Here is the checklist of 40+ ways to promote your blog.

Take time and update your old posts too, you might see how much you’ve improved by that time and would include some useful information than promoting it. There might be some changes in your industry, or your taste might have changed or the product you’ve reviewed have included new features.

There can be many reasons to update your old post and promote it. Even after updating old posts you can generate much traffic. Make sure you write less and promote more.

4. Get more traffic from the search engine.

No matter how much traffic, you get from social media or any other platforms, but it can never take place of traffic you generate from search engines. The higher the traffic you get from search engines, the higher your possibility to rank. And to get traffic directly from the search engine is through writing content that matters to your users.

Writing content with proper keywords is the key to generate traffic from the search engine. Take time and follow all these steps that can bring traffic from search engines (especially from Google). Even if Google considers other ways from which you get traffic, but to rank higher the weight should be higher for search engines. Not only Google but from any other search engine.

how to use content marketing by beyond execute

5. Write content about selling your service or product.

Well, it’s not always about sharing knowledge from the content. But sometimes you can write about selling your product or service. Dedicate your whole blog post for indirectly or directly selling a product or service. When you make the audience aware about your services or product, or share knowledge with them, either they will refer to someone or take advantage of what you’re offering.

How to use your product, how your service or product can help or share any random information with them. Your content should be so effective that when someone reads it, they are willing to take action as mentioned by you or contact you to get help. (Learn how to sell your service or product through content marketing.)

6. It’s a free way to advertise your business.

As mentioned above through content marketing you can promote your product or service that gives you a free way to advertise with many users. This can give your business free advertisement, as you rank higher on the search engine you drive a lot of traffic.

If your content is loved by everyone or gets recognized by a popular person in your industry or even gets viral. You can drive traffic, and that can be converted into paying customers. No matter how much you promote your service or product on social media or create facebook ads, it isn’t enough until you reach on the search engine. And that can only happen through content marketing. (Read how to create skyrocket blog promotion plan where you don’t need to pay.)

7. Publish your content somewhere else.

Placing your content on your blog, social media, medium or other platform isn’t enough. Try to publish your content somewhere else, which means do guest blogging or get your content to publish on online media or other publishers.

Why not try Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn or online newspaper? They not only publish your content but can give a lot of exposure then you generally get. You can even republish your content there, and I can ensure you’ll get the most eyeballs. Also save your best content on popular sites such as INC, Entrepreneur, etc. this will have you increase brand awareness and lead to recognition to a new audience.

8. Be different, create your voice.

Content marketing is based on storytelling. If your storytelling is strong, you can attract new customers and turn them into permanent customers. To be different you need to be able to create a strong storytelling base. Because, really, you, me and everyone love stories, so this can help you catch users’ attention.

Rather than following other bloggers blinding or just copying the way they blog, create your style and vision. Creating your voice not only helps you stand out but also increase users’ trust in your business.


How to use content marketing for your blog promotion can help you a lot. Remember content builds a long-term relationship with the audience and customers. Distributing valuable and relevant will drive customer satisfaction or turn your audience into paying customers.

I hope these tips will help you decide how to use content marketing and strategize for your business growth and sales.

But if you’re still having doubts or require someone to do it for you. We are here, just comment down or email me here. We’ll go through an in-depth process of understanding and successfully launch your project.

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