15 Blogging Tips That Nobody Will Tell You

15 Blogging Tips That Nobody Will Tell You

Do you think your business needs a blog? Blogging not only helps your business, but it also became a need to maintain an online presence, and to stand above the competition. There are many businesses out there that provide the same kind of products or services you do.

However, no two companies are identical, so you need to emphasize what makes your company or business unique. Blogging tips discussed in this blog will help you to add value to your way of blogging.

Blogging helps you to show the personality, information, and experience that will distinguish your business from the other competitors and even compete against business brands. If you want to make your presence to your target audience, your business needs a blog.

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Blogging tips
Blogging tips

It might be nice to hear that blogging tips help your business to build brand awareness and showcase its expertise, but without any tangible evidence, it may not be exactly convincing. Well, here are some studies and surveys show why blogging is good for businesses.

These are the statistics I have collected for you:

  • Custom content from blogs warms customers and the audience up to your business.
  • Businesses that blogs generate more leads than businesses that don’t.
  • Blogging can sometimes be as effective, if not more, in promoting your company than through advertisements.

15 Blogging tips that will work.

blogging tips
blogging tips

1. Choosing Your Blogging Niche.

Choosing your blog niche is the Hardest and essential part of Blogging. The slot is nothing but on which topic you want to or interested in writing on your Blog. My opinion is to choose a Niche that is Profitable in the Market & you have some good knowledge about it. Also, look at your Interest in which topic that you are passionate about.

Try to choose one particular Niche for your Blog because it helps you to grow fast. And it is easy to understand for your Audience what your Blog talks all about.

If your blog is on a particular topic, then you can attract targeted audience traffic to your Website. And you know Targeted Traffic always helps you to get more Conversion and traction.

2. Write about solutions to problems.

The word Problem-solving means solving your audience or Visitors Problem by writing a problem-solving Blog as a one-stop solution with all the Resources provided.

Before writing a Problem-solving Content try to Identify your Target Visitor’s problems and queries what they have?

You can Identify your Visitors Problem & Interest Just by opening your Google Analytics and Choose User behavior. You can also Identify on which Article a user engages and spends more time. By this, you can Identify your Visitors Problem. Then you need to write a high-quality Article that solves your audiences, Problem. In this way, you can able to create Problem-solving & valuable content for your User.

3. Make your Site looks highly attractive.

Your Website designing matters the most in this digital world; no one wants to visit the Website, which is completely messed up. Nowadays, Information could be found all over the internet. If your Website is not looking Good or not Easy to use, and not User-friendly, then the visitor never returns.

Make your Website/blog looks professional, Good looking, and User-friendly. The First Impression is the best one. So you need to spend your Time & Money to Improve your site design and looks. I would suggest you buy a premium theme for your Website like Divi theme, by which you can customize and design your Blog like a pro.

4. Optimize Website Speed & Make your Site Mobile friendly.

You know Website speed & Mobile-Friendly Design is the main factor coming Under the Top 10 Ranking Factors of Google. The Minimum website speed should be in the range of 2 seconds to 5 sec. So first check your Website Speed on speed checking tools like Pingdom speed tool, Google website speed checker.

If you find your site loading speed is more than 5sec, then you should Optimize your Website for Speed. For optimizing the website speed, you have to optimize your Blogs, Images & also you have to use a minimum of ten plugins. And you need to Remove some of the Javascript from the Site.

Always try to use WordPress hosting; it gives you better hosting space & Speed. I would highly recommend SiteGround Hosting, one of the biggest hosting companies, and I have worked out a deal with them where you can get started for just $3.9/month.

Web Hosting

Next thing, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. You can use the AMP plugin on your site. If you optimize your mobile site, you’ll be able to make it mobile-friendly, which will ultimately help you rank on search engines.

Also, these SEO tools will help you get your blog skyrocket in no effort, and they are must-have.

5. Writing longer, In-depth & Unique Articles.

Did you know in-depth & unique articles that more than 2000 words can help you rank well in search engines? Because the search engine wants to serve the quality of Articles to the searching Audience. You can write how-tos, guides, and detailed research.

As you rank on Google, the blog traffic will increase and visitors eventually. So I suggest you all focus on the quality of the content, not the Quantity. Instead of writing 10 to 15 small articles per month, try to write 2 to 3 in-depth longer articles that help you to get more traffic for your blog.

6. Learn Basic SEO Optimization

blogging tips

If you want to be a good well-known blogger, then you need to know about SEO. Understanding the simple SEO tips, you can write Seo optimized articles and posts that rank high on Google. There are many benefits as you rank on the 1st page of Google, you will get lots of qualified search engine visitors. Your site credibility score also Increases, and Industry Influencer will notice you.

Like, how to find low competitive & high Converting Keywords — using of keywords in the article, how to find and use LSI keywords, ways to write Engaging & well-optimized Blog post, how to use the keywords in the Title, Slug, and meta description, Image optimization, and ways to increase CTR?

These are some essential & straightforward optimization Tips you need to learn as a beginner.

Learning SEO will also help you get backlinks which increases the domain score and shows Google, how good a site is. You can easily manage your backlinks and SEO practice through a tool called Semrush and every blogger or website owner must have an SEO tool, to keep a record of how the website is doing.

Check the website’s backlinks here:

You can read how to get started with Semrush here.


7. Guest Blogging.

Did you know that Guest blogging is the best way to Get Traffic & showing your expertise in front of Millions of visitors across the globe? Guest blogging on other people’s websites; site Traffic, Credibility, and Brand Awareness of your Website will Increase.

Guest Blogging – the best way to connect with your niche Influencers. With the help of Guest blogging, you can Increase your Site Authority, and you also get Backlinks.

For guest blogging, find some sites which are similar to your Site’s topic and getting some Good Traffic. By that way, your post Seen by Huge no of Interested Audience. Remember one thing, whenever you will submit your post. Make sure your content is well written — informative, high quality, and without any Grammar mistakes. For Grammatical & Tens errors you can use Grammarly Tool.

8. Commenting on other Blogs.

Blog commenting is another best way to build no follow backlinks with some decent Referral traffic. It gives you some increase in Ranking in SERP. By regular valuable Blog commenting on others’ blogs, you can also build relationships with many bloggers.

Always try to Comment on your niche Blogs related to your Website in this way you will get targeted & qualified visitors to your Website. By regular Blog commenting, you can drive good Traffic & Some link juice to your Website. Do not comment for just link and spam, Add some value in the comment box then you can expect someone to give you a link back.

9. Building Trust and Authority.

Many research says that more than 70% of people buy products & services from well known or suitable marketed Brands. Simply no one buys from strangers they only want to buy the right quality products and from Trustworthy sites.

If you think that only Traffic can give you lots of sales & Conversion, then you are Wrong.
First, you have to Build Trust & Authority for getting Good sales and Conversion.

  • Do guest blogging for well-known Brands. Write a high-quality In-depth Article with Good SEO practice that’s why you can able to Rank on the 1st Page of Search engine.
  • Never recommend products & services that you don’t use or know personally and Try to Interview with other bloggers or niche Experts. Also, you have to try to Get Good Testimonials from other Website owners. Follow these tactics to build your Website Authority & Trust.

10. Connect with Influencers

Connecting with other Influencers & Bloggers helps you a lot if you are new to the industry or just started two to three months Ago. What would be the effect when you connect with other Influencers.

  • You can get Traffic & Links from the influencers.
  • Influencers Provide you with a solution to your problem.
  • They can help you to improve your skills & expertise
  • You can Increase you’re earning by there strategy.

These are more than enough to build a Successful Blog. Create the blogging Network that helps you in the Future.

11. Build your Email list

If you are new to Blogging Industry and if you want to start your blog, then I suggest you to start building your email list from Day 1. Building an Email list means Build your Audience so that it’s one of the Important work you need to do.

By creating an email list, you get benefited:-

  • Promote your New content article without thinking of Search engine Rankings.
  • You can Interact & build a relationship with your Subscribers.
  • Also, Promote Products & Services to your Subscribers.
  • Promote your Social media profile & Pages.

A better way to start email marketing is with ConvertKit. It’s easy to use and its design will fit your website. When I started blogging, I switched from Mailchimp (now, Mailchimp as limited it’s features for forever free plan and it sucks, you cannot schedule your email anymore) to ConvertKit, I was able to increase my email list from 500 to 20000 subscribers in 6 months.

Click here to get Bounceble’s ConvertKit special offer.


12. Start Building Your Audience.

Building your Audience is very Important in this Competitive Era. Then the question is how to build your Audience? You have to convert your site visitors to regular visitors for your Site. For converting website visitors to regular visitors, you need to collect their email by giving them a proper value. Value can be a free Ebook or Resources, or it may be a weekly newsletter.

Also, you can add your visitors to your Social media pages. In that way, you can Convert your Website new visitors into a permanent or Recurring visitor. By creating your Audience list, you can promote your new content directly to them, and also you can develop Trust with these audiences. As you develop Trust, you can able to sell your Affiliate products. So you need to start Building your Audience from Now.

Learn how social media will play an important role in promoting your blog post.

13. Promote Content like a Pro.

You have to think like a marketer Because, promoting content is one of the hardest parts of Blogging, and that decides how much success you will get from Blogging. If you are an Expert in promoting content, then you can get a huge success. Once after you create content, you have to promote, then people come to your Site and Read it.

For doing content promotion, you need to create a promotional funnel, where you can Add which channel you want to promote your content. Some best content promotion channels for me are Email marketing, Guest Blogging, Blog commenting on other related blogs, Directory Submission, Forum and q&a site, Social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the best. 41 places to promote your blog post.

Also, get a free blog post checklist to write awesome posts.

ultimate blog post checklist from Bounceble

14. Try to Invest in your Blogging.

Good & smart Investment in your Blogging gives you ten times more in Return. Right the real things I observed. If you earn around 100$ per month from your Blog, then you need to invest that money again on your Blogging to see more growth in your industry.

First of all, you have to invest money in Good web hosting, Premium Theme & Premium plugins. You can spend some money on promoting your Blog Articles through Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising, social media marketing. By Investing your blog income in the way, you can see better results by time.

15. Think about your Blog, Monetization.

I know we all are doing so much hard work on Blogs. So why don’t you think of your Blog, monetization? The first thing is to; you have to Analyse your Blog readers Interest or define the Buyer Persona. When you clearly understand your Website Visitors’ intentions and what they want, then you can solve their problem.

As a solution, you can promote any similar product that helps to solve their problems. Then your Conversion will Increase. Also, choose the Monetization strategy. Means which monetization method suits for your Blogs. This helps you to earn a good income from your Blog. Monetization strategies there are several ways available,

Such as:-

The above are some best Blogging tips to earn money from your Blog, So try all methods which one suits you.


Blogging is not as hard as you think, and it gives a wide range of benefits to your business. If you are looking to set yourself stand at the top from the crowd of competition and grab the attention of your target audiences, your business needs a blog! and these blogging tips too.

Are there any blogging tips you feel it worked well for you? Any Blogging tips you have for us? Please comment 👇🏻😇

Starting a blog for your website or business can open up new opportunities for your business, in different ways. When you use blogging tips properly, a blog can be helpful to increase awareness, showcase your expertise, answer customers’ queries and establish your business as the brand in your niche.

So, start blogging today to get a better ROI to your business using theses blogging tips to your business blog.

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