Which Social Media Platform Should Be Your Business’s 1st Choice?

Which Social Media Platform Is The 1st Choice Of Businesses?

Are you using Social Media platforms for your online business? Social Media has become a part of our day to day life. As we wake up, we get notifications from Facebook, Instagram likes or stories or Tweets. We take social media everywhere we go; attached to our mind and body.

Most of us can’t get away from it, as Social Media is one of the most efficient and less expensive ways to build and grow business online.


All companies need a social media presence. As a business owner or marketer, understanding this concept of which social media platform will work for your business can be challenging and most of the social media marketing strategy fails here.

How To Find The Best Social Media Platform That Fits Your Business?

Over 97% of marketers and businesses are using social media platforms to engage with their audiences/customers. But if you are starting as a new business owner or individual, it can be overwhelming to be everywhere. But this will take time and you won’t be able to focus on the one which will benefit your brand the most.


The list of social media platforms is growing, and platforms like Facebook are always evolving and adding new features. With the number of social media platforms, it can be overwhelming and hard to pick which one to start with. You might not want to spread yourself too thin, by managing every imaginable platform. But also don’t want to miss a great opportunity of brand-awareness.

So our next question:

Should I be on Every Social Media Platform?

As a newbie, you might be more enthusiastic about increasing social presence over all the social networks at the same time. But, frankly, it’s hard to manage all of them alone and you might lose the track of what and how to do? At times, engaging and being available to each social media platform is not possible and you might miss some of the important goals to attain.

Rather, go with 1 or 2 social networks where your audience is more active and will help you reach your business goal in a short time.

The easiest way to find out which social network works best for your business is to check where is the majority of your audience?

Let’s say, Facebook is for every business; local or online. Every type of audience uses Facebook.


Research and create a spreadsheet of your audience. See which network do they use the most. As the majority of people use Facebook, it’s advisable to create a Facebook page (Read how to get started with Facebook Marketing and increase your followers).

To know, what kind of value a social media network can bring to your business is important? If you’re sharing content which is not related to the platform’s audience type then you are wasting your valuable time.

Just like, if you like to create videos, then YouTube is the best platform. If you are an influencer or visuals are your goals, then Instagram is the option.

Remember you don’t have to be on every social media platform. Start out with few and slowly expand as you see opportunities and have someone to manage it.

1. Facebook

Whatever your business goal may be – brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation – Facebook makes a notable difference in reaching them, if you use it correctly. It’s no surprise that Facebook is many bloggers/businesses’ first choices.

With 1.32 billion daily active users, Facebook is the most widely used social platform around the world. You would be surprised to know that 9 out of 10 businesses are on Facebook.

If your target audience is on Facebook, how to make sure your business/blog reaches them? The answer is an effective marketing and advertising. Through Facebook’s advertising, you can target age, gender, employment, interests, relationship status and much more. Facebook gives you complete power to design and target your audience.

Facebook is shaping its platform since its launch and is continuously evolving to meet its user’s requirements. Two-third of U.S. adults (68%) now report that they use Facebook. To make most out of it, it’s important to know how to optimize your Facebook page and increase organic reach.

Facebook statistics
  • Monthly active users 2.38 billion.
  • 96% of active users accounts are accessing the social network through a mobile device
  • 40% of my audience says that they watch most of the videos on Facebook
  • 65 million small businesses do have Facebook Pages
  • 89% of marketers say that they use Facebook as part of their brand’s social strategy


2. Instagram

Instagram is the next most important social media platform with active daily users of 500 million. It is mostly dominated by young people. Mark Zuckerberg saw so much potential in this platform that he bought it out for $1 billion, and it’s growing till then.

Instagram has its own set of benefits. Being a visual platform, you can easily connect with your audience through photos and videos. This is the advantage of this platform since people remember 80% through hearing and seeing than reading.

Instagram statistics
  • Monthly active users 1 billion
  • 500 million daily active Instagram Stories and users around the world
  • 37% of Internet users are also using Instagram
  • 60% of Instagram users visit the platform every day
  • 65% of marketers say that they use Instagram as part of their brand’s social strategy


3. Pinterest

If your business falls within some sort of creative industry, then Pinterest is the right social media platform for you.

Pinterest has over 175 million monthly active users. Out of those 81% are women, 93% of pinners said they use Pinterest to plan purchases. 87% said they’ve purchased things by seeing on Pinterest.

Food recipes, lifestyles, how-to articles, wedding inspiration, and outfit ideas are some of the top search topics on Pinterest. So if your business comes within any of these categories, you should utilize Pinterest as your business plan.

Pinterest has organic reach capabilities that other social media platforms don’t. Organic reach on the Pinterest post is determined by the number of keywords in a post and if it matches what a user searches on Pinterest, then the post reach and engagement will be high.

This gives the business a chance to plan their content strategy to add words that are searched a lot on Pinterest, without having to use extra advertising dollars!


4. Snapchat

Snapchat is an app that allows users to send Snaps (a photo or video) either directly to friends/family or to add to their Snapchat Story. A Snap sent directly to friends/family can be viewed only once, but a Snap added on the story is visible for 24 hours just like Instagram Stories.

If your target market is largely comprised of a younger demographic, then Snapchat can be effective for your business.

There are over 300 million monthly active users, and 187 million daily active users on Snapchat. 71% of those users are under 34 years old. Specifically, almost half of its users are aged between 18-24.

In fact, Snapchat has more than 10 million daily video views. If your company requires a lot of video publishing than you can try your hands on Snapchat. Snapchat also offers advertising options where you can pay to have a linkable Snapchat in the Discovery section of Snapchat.

Between organic content on your company’s Snapchat Story and paying to post Snapchat in your target audience’s Top Story and Discovery feed, you’re sure to reach your market on one of the youngest and fastest-growing social media platforms!


5. YouTube

YouTube is a video platform that allows users to watch videos and/or upload them.

YouTube has 1.57 billion monthly active users, giving your business the chance to share company content within over 30+ million daily active users who are likely to watch it.

Similar to Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, YouTube has the benefit of visual content, but unlike the other social media platforms for the business that we’ve listed so far, it has the unique stance of being owned by Google!

Because of this, YouTube has access to Google’s advertising platform, and you have the advantage to run ads on it.

Without spending money on advertising, you can make your YouTube videos rank higher on YouTube search just by including the keywords in your title, video description, and the actual list of keywords in the keywords tool.


6. Twitter

Twitter is one of the older social media platforms, and it has 330 million monthly active users. You can post photos and videos along with the 255 character-limited copy, but Twitter is most known for its feed of real-time updates. Is the term “live-tweeting” ringing a bell now?

Twitter is also great for engaging new potential customers through hashtags and Twitter Chats. Similar to Instagram, you can search a hashtag and find other posts from consumers and businesses alike that have used that hashtag.

This means that you can find consumers searching for something that your company offers and vice versa!

For example, if you’re a car wash company, you can find people tweeting about how they need to get their car washed depending on how they’ve used hashtags in their tweets. You can then tweet them with a discount for your car wash, and wa-la, you’ve most likely got a new customer.

twitter marketing stat

7. LinkedIn

If your business follows a B2B model or targets consumers based on job titles, then LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for you! LinkedIn has 250 million monthly active users, almost all of which are in the working world or close to it.

Because LinkedIn is considered to be a social media platform for business, people often include more accurate information about their employers, job positions, work email addresses and more than they do on other social media platforms that are utilized more for personal use.

LinkedIn’s advertising platform is not as advanced as Facebook’s in terms of campaign functions, but it does give you a lot more targeted job positions than Facebook does. This can be crucial if the bottom line of your business is dependent upon targeting specific businesses or job titles.


Which network is best for your brand?

As we discussed earlier, the type of content you publish on social media is also important. A big mistake that companies make is treating all the social media platforms the same. Content that works on one network doesn’t always mean it will work on others too.

Curated Content

Facebook is a great platform to curate content. You’ve probably noticed quite a bit of content shared on Facebook isn’t original. It’s generally curated blog posts, news or content that’s just being shared from other accounts.

Instagram, on the other hand, is all about original photos and videos. Although you may run into a reshared meme or two while you are scrolling through the app.

Company News

Your first stop for publishing company news should be Facebook. Since Facebook is more text-based, you’ll have a better chance of people reading the entire update. For instance, if you have to close down for reconstruction you’d want to make a Facebook post about it.

Or the video about the product launch on YouTube can make your brand go viral. Do you see what a little difference can bring to your brand through social media platforms?

Company Events

Did your company host a charity event or go to a popular conference? That’s the perfect opportunity to get content for Instagram. You can post the images or share on IG stories or do a live video in real-time to give your followers a feel for how things are going.

Image Contests

Image contests are all about engagement, and we know that Instagram is the king of engagement through images on social media. Use Instagram as your platform to host the contest and make a hashtag to keep track of it all.

You can promote the contest on other social media platforms and push traffic to your website.

Comment down below what type of social media network you start your blog with?
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