12 Ways To Attract New Customers That Nobody Will Tell You.

ways to attract new customers for your business

Whatever your business may provide or offer, it requires customers and building a new customer list should be your priority. Even if you have a loyal customer base, you need to attract new customers to grow your business. A steady stream of new customers allows you to grow your business and fulfill your company vision. 

Sometimes repeated customers don’t fall on your expectations or have hard times spending and even move on. You need to make sure your business is regularly inviting new customers and clients. So how do you attract new customers?

So to make money from your business, you need to have customers, and customers should know what you sell or provide. Most problems for new businesses are that the customers don’t even know their product exists in the first place. And this is usually a challenge for businesses.

I have created a list of 12 ways that can help you attract new customers. People give you tips on how-to but don’t tell you ways to hook those clients and customers. But we will! These actionable ways will find and retain new clients & customers.

12 Ways to attract new customers

  1. Know your ideal audience.

It’s easier to search for customers if you already know the type of customers to seek. Without any appropriate knowledge of your audience type, it’s hard to know where to start. There should be a crystal-clear picture of whom you’re targeting to. 

To begin with, narrow down the focus of your ideal audience and avoid targeting broad market share. Keep your audience type-specific, this will prevent you from targeting the wrong audience, develop strategic targeting and you can also charge more for your services.

Do your research and discover who your products or services can help. Without a clear understanding of exactly who you’re targeting, it can make your marketing less effective.

Keeping your targeted audience in mind, ask yourself this question – What are the places you’ll find your targeted audience? Like social media, earned media, amazon, display ads, online, offline or mail and then create messages for them. It also depends upon the nature of your business. 

  1. Know your business.

Knowing your business inside out is important if you don’t know your business, how will you sell your service or attract new customers. Thoroughly understanding your industry and knowledge of your product is critically important to attract new customers. 

When you know your product backward and forward, it’s easy to describe to others. The people who would be interested in your service or product will see how knowledgeable you are about your product and they will willing to seek assistance from you.

Share things that your business does well. If you run a coffee shop, share your most popular coffee recipe. Make a video, write a blog, take a picture and try to share them with your audience. Letting people know what you do, by sharing your best experience, will gather trust and attract new customers to your business. 

  1. Understand what they want.

It’s not enough to just target your audience; it’s also necessary to know what they are looking for. Put yourself into their shoes and think about why they would buy your offer. It’s the best practice to keep in touch with your customers. Give your potential customers a good reason to try your service.

Provide and establish yourself with an in-depth understanding of the problems they are looking to solve. As you have created structured sales funnel to convert your audience into paying customers and attract new customers.

Not only your products or service should be able to solve their problems but also create honesty and trust. The best way to attract new customers is to listen to them. It’s easy to do so, connect with them through email, social media, comments and complaints. One of the creative ways is to slip handwritten notes into their shipments. 

  1. Try direct marketing.

One of my favorite way to attract new customers and retaining existing customers is through directly keeping contact with them. For a large organization, it’s not possible but if you’re new then try to communicate with them through DMs, comments, social media and emails. 

Directly reaching out and keeping touch with your customers is the tactic that can encourage new paying and permanent customers. You can ask for a survey or little more information about what they are looking for and how can you improve your product or service better. 

Direct marketing will teach you to focus on results that matter. Create messages that give you customers value by offering something free or with irresistible offers.

  1. Are you online?

In today’s world everyone is online, even your customers. So if you’re not online, you’re missing a huge amount potential of clients and customers. Even a small bakery in your area can have a huge potential of growing and expanding their business online and attract a new audience. 

Every business has a different audience and those audiences are at different places. The important thing is how you will attract them. There are different places and tactics to reach them.

  • Blog – The best way to attract new customers, in an organic online manner, is by driving educational and quality content. This way you can show specific solutions to your audience. (Read: How to start a successful blog?)
  • SEO – If your website is ranking higher on the search engine you’ll be getting a ton of traffic. SEO is another tactic that can help you attract new customers. Make sure you use proper keywords in your articles to appear higher ranking. (How to rank better on Google? SEO for a new website.)
  • Email Marketing – This might sound old but email should be your business’s priority. Whenever someone visits your site, either offer them something for free or just ask them to sign up to your email list. Because your subscribers our the first one to get updates from your website. Read here how to build an email list and why it’s important.
  • Social media – Everyone is using social media, whether on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat. You need knowing where you’ll find your most active audience. Communicate and engage with them there and convert them into your paying customers. (Read Social Media Promotion: 21 Ways To Increase Your Following.)

ways to attract new customers

  1. Build a partnership

If you’re running an SEO company, that only take clients who require SEO for their website. You can partner with companies with the same clientele, like web development clients for SEO companies. This can help both companies by offering complementary services and promote each other’s business. 

Teaming up with other businesses offer the advantage of synergy and effectively building a business. Nurturing relationships with either business owner or customers will help you create a client base. Focus on building relationships, strong customer trust will likely help them share about your business in their network. And more they are likely to come back.

Approach them to build a business with you. Mostly these partnerships are build by creating exciting offers for there clients, helping both organizations to grow together. Thus, there will be an increase in both audiences.

  1. Videos are the future.

YouTube is used by more than 1.2 billion users monthly. So you can imagine how much they can impact a company’s sell. Stats say that over 40% of customers prefer videos before they make a purchase. Thus, creating a new way to attract new customers.

Customers trust videos because they get valuable information and are easy to understand. Why not use video to attract new customers for your business too. Sometimes it can be very expensive, but you can easily start with your normal camera or phone camera. 

You can also monetize with your videos and if they got viral you can take advantage of that too. Besides Youtube, there are other forms to create video content. Like SnapChat, Instagram stories and IGTV. Make use of them too.

  1. Go smaller to get bigger.

Attract the audience with a smaller niche. Why? Because if you’re targeting a very board category, it’s less likely that they will find your offer interesting and take appropriate action. Go search for a smaller audience who are more interested in your product and will happily engage with your community. 

Targeting a smaller niche will impact the larger positive audience and attract new customers to your business. 

  1. Create irresistible offer

Another way to attract new customers is by creating irresistible offers or free stuff. Everybody loves free and discounted kinds of stuff. This works like magic and creates very positive and interesting things around your business.

Firstly, you get noticed and get a chance to show your product or service. Secondly, if they like your product, they’ll be willing to come back and pay money for it. Anybody who loves your service will happily return next time and even spend your word out in their network.

That’s the power of discounts or offering free stuff. Most people take ‘free’ words seriously because they have nothing to lose; just sit back and enjoy the service. By drawing them towards your business can open a door for new customers. 

However, you must make sure these free or discounted stuff offer value to your customers. Because they have a huge opportunity to save money, they should be able to enjoy your product or service. Discounts and deals usually influence customers to buy more products or services than they initially planned.

  1. Start a contest 

Contests are so common on social media, especially on Instagram, that they are able to make a brand go viral. Tell your audience to share with their friends and family to participate. 

Let’s say you are in the cosmetic business, and you’re launching a new makeup product for young girls. As they are most likely to buy it, you can run a contest and include a full makeup product for 1 or more people who win it. In return just ask them to share this contest with as many people in their network. 

Or offer something more specific to your audience. You can see these types of contests going on Instagram, where brands even fully sponsor holiday trips or vacation to their audience. Can you imagine the kind of buzz it can create for your small business and attract new business?

Even though many can’t win the grand prize but they’ll keep your business in mind or even purchase from you. Make sure to create a proper plan and prepare a budget to stick with. You can also collaborate with other brands and create an irresistible offer, that will also help you reach their customer base and attract new customers for your business.

  1. Host a community meeting.

Everyone loves meetups and parties. Regardless of whether your business is physical or online, creating meetups to attract new customers is a great way to advertise your brand. These events can be small but can attract new partnerships opportunities for your business. It’s not necessary to have a large, open for the public meet up, but it can be for invite-only.

If you can’t create your meetups, try to at least participate in the main ones of your niche. This way, you can build your network and meet potential clients or possible future business partners. 

If you’re hosting your meetups, offer a place at your conference room or break some for small groups. You can also book small clubs where you can get food or coffee. You can either charge come small amount to be part of it or offer on discount or even do it for free. If they like your product or service, they’ll probably come back. 

  1. Follow up.

One last step you need to do is follow up, with your already clients and users. You have done your research, target audience, created offers, started online marketing and hosted meetups. To maximize all your hard work, you’ve already done, you must follow up consistently and look at how much success you’ve got, attract new customers and clients. 


Following these steps and strategies can help you a lot, attract new customers and build up a strong customer base. It’s not only to attract new customers but to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with them is important. Listen to them and understand their requirement, and continuously follow up.

Remember, with this insightful information; it’s very important to measure everything you do and make sure your hard work will turn into profit for your business and expand in the future. If you’re launching a new product or service, consider your consultation to get the most out of it.

Comment down what strategy you prefer or would use in the future!

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