2 Things Why Your Adsense Account Is Not Accepted & How To Solve it.

get your adsense account approved

Adsense is a Google Service to monetize your blog through advertising (Here is a way you can monetize your blog through Adsense). For some people, Adsense is a headache. As Google has made some changes in its algorithm and Adsense account, it’s now even more difficult to get your Adsense account accepted. But it’s not impossible. Some people get there account approved in one shot and some haven’t approved in months. The same happened with me 2 – 3 months ago.

I applied for Google Adsense in September and I got it accepted after 2 months, with 6 times reapplying.

This happened because there was a weird happening from Google’s side. Every time I apply, I receive this in the email:

  1. It says you already have an Adsense account, but I don’t. I looked for many ways to correct this situation on blogs and Google Forums but couldn’t find any solution to this. (You should read on if you face the same issue)
  2. You need to fix some problems, where they’ve mentioned some problems related to my website. This was mostly related to my website speed, hosting, content, and other things.

How I got my Adsense account approved?

First, back in 2013 or 2014, when I created an Adsense account for some other website and got accepted real quick, that time I didn’t know a lot about Adsense and didn’t take it seriously. So I never actually monetize my then website. But as time went by, I learned about monetizing my blog and working with Adsense was the first of few options. The thing was back at that time I use my only email address to connect with Adsense and it was my one. 

This time while connecting Adsense with my new website, I creatednew email address and applied it through that. But as soon as I applied and placed the code on my website, I got an email that, “You already have an Adsense account.” It kind of shocking to me because I just create one, so how come I already have an account.

you already have an adsense account

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I probably forgot about my old Adsense account, so I logged in back and closed it (made the biggest mistake, but heres a link if you want to permanently close (This link is not working anymore) your Adsense account). Closing the account normally takes up to one day or a month.

Then I tried activating it with my new account, but then it still said I already have an account but this time it showed the email I can’t recognize (that wasn’t even mine). So, I searched a lot and try to contact Google. But the problem is, there is no way to contact Google and that sucks.

So, I was kind of frustrated and then I decided to do these things:

  1. Closed my Adsense account with the new email address. As I tried using my new email account for Adsense and it didn’t show any positive result, I decided to close that one too.
  2. Reapplied with the old email (my personal one) address. The new email didn’t work so I tried to reapply with my old email address. But it again show me, you already have an account.
  3. Did the troubleshoot that Google suggested? As there is no possible way to contact Google, they have provided for their customers a troubleshoot for their application. You can also consider that and see if that helps or not. Mostly through troubleshooting problems, are, solve (make sure to reapply again, and what email you get.) but if it doesn’t carry reading on.
  4. Keep on reapplying. This may hit your luck, keep reapplying. Mostly Google replies in 24 hrs but in some cases, it can take 4-5 days.
  5. Created one more email address and applied it through that. Okay, just for a trial, I created one more email address, this one with my domain name.

But guess what, nothing happened. At this time I don’t know what to do and have spent more than 2 months on it. The problem is not with your email address but it’s with website domain and hosting (read on how hosting can help you with this).

Mostly, if you’re starting new, you would have taken shared hosting (Mostly beginners take this one because it’s cheap), which can sometimes create issues with your IP address.

What you can do is, after following steps from 1-5 below, clear your browser caches & history. Log out from your Adsense account, sign in again then resubmit your application.

These are some strategies you can try if nothing works for you:

1. Closed all Adsense accounts I’ve ever created. 

I have used a total of 3 email accounts, so I had to close all of them and wait for a confirmation email (below) that my accounts are closed. Only after that, I can take any action. The Strategy behind this was to make sure Google crawler doesn’t get messed up with too many Adsense accounts under the same website and user name. Yes, Google crawler checks everything related to your application.

close adsense account

One more really important thing, you cannot create 2 different accounts under the same person’s name. So, it’s kind of important to remove your other accounts. Only fill your real information in your application while applying.

Because it’s next to impossible to correct them afterward. Don’t just create the account for trial bases and think you can change your contact information after approval. 

2. Changed my hosting (This is optional)

Okay, this is optional, as I tried to contact my then hosting provider to see if there’s any problem from the server-side. I’ve seen, as Adsense accounts are not human approved, some time’s shared hosting can be a problem. So I moved from a more secure and reliable hosting provider.

Normally when starting, people like to go for shared hosting, which meaning your server is shared with different domains, (though I don’t know with how many). And people tend to use this because it’s cheap and that’s okay.

I shifted from BlueHost to SiteGround, which costs $3.9/month and this is why I use it:

  1. Price: They have 3 plans: Startup, GrowBig, and GoGeek.
  2. Speed: All SiteGround servers are highly optimized for speed. They are equipped with the latest hardware like SSD drives and custom software to make sure that your site is super fast.
  3. Content Delivery: They offer instant setup of Cloudflare’s free CDN and free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
  4. Customer service: Their customer support is fantastic, to say the least. They offer 24/7 phone, live chat, and ticket-based support.
  5. Look at the reviews they receive.

SiteGround review by beyond execute

Click here to get the SiteGround Bounceble special offer.

Google wants your website to load for everyone and around the, if it doesn’t every advertiser will get the benefit of this. This will create an issue for Google. So the right hosting is really important.

Web Hosting

3. Created 2 high-quality content (I already had 26 posts), with at least 2000 words and more than 10 links to different sites.

You might know that Google reviews everything from your website. What type of content you provide, how much is original and how long have you been active on your website and continuously providing useful content. I already activate on my blog and continuously posting useful content on it. But I decided to write 2 more very well detailed content with lots of links to other sites.

This particularly is not necessary, if you have enough content on your website, but just for a trail, you can create some more quality content. Make sure you follow the Google Adsense guideline. But on the other hand, I’ve seen many people who got there Adsense account accepted with very few content or words. And some people don’t even get accepted with more than 50 posts. So, it’s just what we can’t assume.

Because there are, so many new websites created every day and they want to monetize their blog through Adsense. Google is making its application process tough to eliminate websites that can’t make enough profit for their advertising. Google is really strict with its rules and guidelines, so don’t only createblog to monetize it.

4. I made sure I have a contact page and privacy policy page visible.

Google has made clear that they want to see about page, contact page and privacy policy page visible on your website. Along with that, your content page should include the way users can contact you. Your about page should mention what you do not just somewhere hide or on footer bar but your website’s header.

While creating your privacy policy page make sure you include content from Google Adsense as they have provided (link here). If you don’t know how to create terms and policy page, then you can generate one for free – free tools like Privacy Policy Generator and Free Privacy Policy.

In your privacy page also include contact information, name, email address or office address. This ensures Google that the website isn’t fraud or doing malpractices.

5. I made sure my website is fully optimized with SEO.

SEO is really important, for any website to rank on Google (Read how to rank higher on Google). Along with that, your website should be easy to navigate and surf for users. To make sure your website is fully optimized for SEO, you need to place your main keywords on every page of your website.

For Example, if you sell handmade cotton sheets, make sure you use your keyword on your home page, contact page, about page, etc.

Not only this but your website should load fast (Learn how to make your website speed faster) because I got an email where Google said: “your website is taking too much time to load”. Website speed can cause you some issues too.

Let me give you a reason why, if your site is taking too long to load, your users won’t come back or open your page. This can increase your bounce rate and that can affect your ranking.

Here are some tips to improve your SEO, which won’t take your too much time, if you practice it every day.

6. Waited for email confirmation that my other accounts are closed.

You can either get a confirmation email in a day or a month. In my case, I received only one account confirmation email. I still haven’t received it for the other two. So, if you want to wait for an email then wait, if you don’t then you should reapply again but I can recommend you to wait for at least a week and then apply again.

In between, you can build up your website’s SEO and create some more content.  Being active on your site is necessary, sometimes only this can help you get your Adsense account approved.

7. Reapply with my oldest email means, my personal one.

What’s my logic behind using my oldest email account was, first it had previously been approved and second, it’s the oldest email I’ve owned, so Google can trust it. One more thing, your email name (the person who own it) and contact name on your application should be the same.

It means if I’ve created an email account for my business account then my payment should also be received through business/company name. You shouldn’t use your name for receiving your payment and your own email account name under your company/website name.

8. Waited for almost 20 days.

Before I got approved, I haven’t got an email from Google says I already have an account but I got an email saying there is some issue with my website. It said my website was down for some time.

But actually, it wasn’t (if you want to check whether your website was down or not you can use Jetpack plugin on WordPress or Down Right Now). I still reapplied and got approved after 20 days of waiting.

problem with adsense account

If for you, nothing happens till know, you can either hope for best or go for other ad networks. Many other great ad networks can give you a lot more than Google and their acceptance procedure is also easy. You can also apply for other ad networks but make sure to stop them when you apply for Google Adsense because Google doesn’t like this.


Yet, all these things don’t work out for you, you can go for other ad networks. I know there is no equivalent ad network to Google Adsense but you still have to monetize your blog.

Here is my next favorite after Google Adsense, InfoLinks.

Seriously it is the best and they pay you enough and their RPM is really good. Some say they are very good then Google Adsense in sense to paying and I can see why:

  1. You can withdraw whenever you reach $50.
  2. You get around $0.01 – $0.5 for 200 impressions only. If you are getting 10,000 views $10 – $25 and then when you get clicks the number goes up.
  3. They provide ads as per your content, so it doesn’t look spammy.

If you sign up to InfoLinks through this link you’ll get approved very quickly and your receiving amount will be higher than normal people. 


I have provided you many solutions for getting your account approved. Every other website says, that you need to have a certain amount of visitors, blog posts or your website should be activated for at least 6 months (in certain regions) but that not true.

You should have at least 5 content with high and original content. My account got approval with 28 posts and my website was 4 months old, along with less than 1000 views/month.

So, the only thing Google matters is, it should be useful for users and your website should follow all the rules and regulations formed by Google.

If you’re still facing the problem, let me know in the comment below and we’ll figure out a way out of it. Or you even got approved with some other way through this “You already have an Adsense account” then let me know in the comment below so it might help others too.

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  1. Hi,
    my name is muhammed savad. Started my personal blog page before one month and i posted abouve 10 posts my own ontent. Dp not copied from anywhere. And i have above 1000 viewers also from US. Have some visitors from other countries. So my question is can i apply for adsense at this time ?

    Please help me.

    1. Hi Muhammed, yes you can apply. Actually normally what I’ve heard is Adsense approve 6 months old account but this wasn’t in my case. I applied after 2 months and after several rejects, in a month I got it approved. So ya, you can try and see. Great if you get you account approved in 1 shot or do what it says in rejection email. Let me know if you’re account get approved or you need any other help.


    1. Hi Ananya!

      The number of visitors does not matter. But if you don’t have quality of traffic, that means if you only get traffic from ads such as Facebook, then your changes get low for approval. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 visitors or 100 visitors but from where they are coming that matters.


  2. Thanks for these guidelines.
    But, it is very difficult for me to get my News Website approved by Google Adsense, even though i rewrite some parts of the News. I need help

  3. I think this is among the most important info for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But want to remark on few general things, The website style is great, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

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